HEART LAYOUT – relationship problems

I have written about the Heart Layout  (<—-click for posts) several times featuring different decks. Today’s deck is Jennifer Kast’s ForTheSeekersLenormand.

Background: ‘Tis the season for relationship problems. A couple is experiencing some serious setbacks in communication over the last week. At this time they are not speaking to each other and this is the reason I placed the Significator cards (Lady and Gentleman) looking away from each other. You can do this with most Lenormand decks provided the images have directions.  It was the female (Lady) that sent me an email asking for some advice about the future of her relationship with the man she has been involved with for about three years.

Heart Layout ForTheSeekers Lenormand

I do want to mention that you have an option to select more than one card in each position of the Heart layout except the Significators. Sometimes, one card is not enough and it needs a contributing card to add more of a precise meaning. In the image above, I don’t think any of the cards need additional cards because it is quite obvious what’s going on.


This card reveals that the female is very headstrong which could be part of the problem. She’s be a hard one to persuade. I don’t think it is easy talking to her without major resistance.


Not a good omen at all. He has cut communication with the female and is thinking of splitting. He would actually be quite cold emotionally with little room for negotiations.


There is a decision pending regarding this relationship. She believes that most likely there will be a major shift in direction of this strained union. The Outcome card will reveal what happens between this couple.


The male may be a bit confused as to how he will handle this problem with the female. It looks like his mind is made up but he probably just doesn’t know how to go about it. He sits on the clouds so there is stormy weather ahead in this relationship.


One of the meanings for this card is a separation or parting of ways. Things have gotten out of hand and neither of these two people are reachable. Each person is caught up with their own thoughts which makes it difficult to compromise or to open the gates of communication.

Will this couple start talking again? Yes, but the problem is they won’t talk about saving the relationship. They will be talking about a separation. The only ray of hope in this situation is the Clouds card. We know this is a temporary influence and that it situation could clear up. If you look at the card in the layout you can see the dark clouds on the right side of the card as well. The future looks worrisome for this couple.  As a colleague, I hope it works out but as a card reader I am not that optimistic it will. 

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