Asking Symbolon why Lenormand Playing card insets exist?

Here’s another thought-provoking question for the Symbolon cards.  

Why do the Lenormand cards have Playing card insets?



1. The Problem/Issue/Question:

Vampire: bondage, the victim

What a challenging card to analyze in relation to the question! I had to really stop and think about the message of the 1st card.  My intuition tells me that many people are asking the same question about the Lenormand playing card insets. There is certain traditional attachment to reading playing cards even though most of the systems differ. Past cartomancy practices have victimized us and we cannot see the “new light” when interpreting the playing card insets. 

The bondage to the playing cards meanings of the past limits us from creating a self-sustaining connection with just the Lenormand cards. 

2. The Process/Way through the Issue:

The Pied Piper: images designed to seduce you, con-artist

How appropriate!  The Pied Piper suggests that we should do what is best for us individually as Cartomancers. This card reveals we have fallen for someone else’s idea. I suppose it would be the card manufacturers who decided to put playing cards with the Lenormand images after Mlle Lenormand passed away.  It is nearly impossible not to wonder how the playing card insets tie in with the Lenormand meanings. Many Cartomancers rely on their Tarot training to identify the Courts and link the pips with the Minor Arcana. People who read Skat cards possess some confusion because there are no 6’s in the traditional Skat deck.  Others who have a good understanding of the playing card meanings from whatever system they have chosen to learn remain equally confused. Much of this confusion is from the contradictory meanings from the 2 systems of interpretation. 

The message I am hearing from the Pied Piper is for all of us to put this question to rest because there is no obvious fortune telling connection other than playing a game. Listen to the song on the flute.

3. Outcome/Answer:

Depression: trapped, petrification (state of fear)

The original question was,  “Why do the Lenormand cards have Playing card insets?” The last card is supposed to shed some light on the outcome or answer. I have to laugh at the last card because it is depressing trying to figure this question out.  The advice of the Depression card in the final spot is to look ahead with optimism. It is important not to forget the true essence of reading the Lenormand cards. Trying to find the answer to the question has trapped us into thinking there is something much more with this deck.  

Why? The guidance I am receiving right now in relation to this reading is that the old structure of Cartomancy (reading playing cards) will be transformed. Any fear trying new Cartomancy techniques will be dissolved.  The Lenormand Playing card insets exist because the Vampire put them there……….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Symbolon – the Deck of Rememberance by Peter Orban, Ingrid Zinnel and Thea Weller. 

 This post was originally created on Jan 11, 2013.

6 thoughts on “Asking Symbolon why Lenormand Playing card insets exist?

  1. Nice!It is a big question though…I’m trying to figer out if there would have been 18th century skat cards devination systems with 36 cards in Germany…

    • Hi: Thanks for your comment. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a system of Skat cards divination around Madame Lenormand’s time. The challenge would be to find some evidence in the German history books. True gypsies wouldn’t share their knowledge publicly but they would pass it down. Let me know how you make out in your research. Seaqueen

  2. It seems to me that the history of the deck has a lot to do with why there are playing card inserts. The cards were likely not developed by Lenormand. Instead, some game companies were taking advantage of her fame by putting her name on a deck. The Vampire card absolutely fits that. People bought the cards, probably thinking that Lenormand had something to do with them. So the Pied Piper fits, too. I found this blog post that lays it out well. Those first two cards in your spread are highly appropriate to the history stated in the other blog post. As for the last card, maybe it has to do with the true origins getting lost in history.

    • Thank you for your comment. I am a fan of Robert Place’s work. There has been other research in this topic as well and originally the playing cards were used for another game. Andy Boroveshengra has written about this.I believe he offered an explanation in his book Lenormand Thirty Six Cards: An Introduction to the Petit Lenormand. Seaqueen

    • Hi. I use the insets mainly with the court cards. I find that the other pips do not reflect the Lenormand core meanings. Sometimes I will use the playing cards meanings for additional information by reading the playing cards on another level. They are two systems of cartomancy when insets are used. Seaqueen

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