Skat cards system of fortune telling

Years ago (probably 2006/7) I uploaded a page containing the meanings for all the 32 playing card system known as Skat cards. In fact, there are several posts demonstrating the Skat system of reading the regular deck of cards.   here  and here  If memory serves me right, the clubs were a bit more darker in meaning than the modern day clubs. Some cartomancers these days do not follow that tradition. It’s easier to wrap you head around the spades being the task masters.

The meanings I wrote about would come from the Austro-Hungarian Empire region of some hundred years ago. It doesn’t matter what country’s system of meanings you are using all that matters is the system’s accuracy. Also, understanding 32 upright cards is easier than a deck of 52 or 78. If you google search other websites I’m sure you will find ample free meanings for the Skat cards.

When reading the Skat card meanings you don’t have much information on the cards. Each card has a core meaning. Combining several cards together requires lots of practice. As you do more and more readings you will learn different levels of those simple meanings.

The 7’s

7hearts.jpg Card of love in its beginning stages. It can be a new fondness for a person or thing. A good feeling. If you asked does he/she love me and this card was the result/outcome card it would suggest the person does have warm feelings for you.

7club.jpg Card of minor loss, tears, depression etc. It is short-term and does not last a long time. Modern meanings would tie this card with communication and news. If you asked will he/she contact me this card would indicate brief communication which most likely won’t be all that pleasant.

7diamonds.jpg Card of money connected to job, work, occupation. It’s a little bit of money. If you asked if you will get a better paying job this card suggests yes, but not much more money.

7spades.jpg Card of slight warning. This card suggests some annoyance happening fast. It’s main meaning is one of caution because lies or envious people can be involved. Someone in plotting against you. The 7♣ ‘s meaning would fit in here much better. If you asked whether he/she is faithful to you this card indicates the person should not be fully trusted. 

Those are just a few meanings for the 7’s. In future posts, I will talk about 8-10, J, Q, K. In the meantime, I’ll prepare a few short readings to go along with those posts to give you a better idea on how to read the Skat cards.

tiny playing card symbols


4 thoughts on “Skat cards system of fortune telling

  1. I’m glad you’re going to start posting about the scab cards. I remember when you had them available back in 2006 or seven. But then you took the whole section down and I have not seen you working with the sketch cards . I really miss not having the meanings for these cards as your meanings are by far the best. Will you be posting the meanings of the cards again?

  2. I remember seeing the meanings of those cards back in 2006 seven. When I went back to review them later they were no longer available you had taken the site down. I was extremely disappointed and frustrated because your meanings for the scat cards are the best I have found. I am glad you were posting about the skat cards again and I look forward hopefully to getting the meanings of all 32 cards thank you so very much. Read

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. Over the years I have changed my template on the blog and probably the page is in the archives as I may have not tagged it. I will try to locate all the meanings which I did post years ago. I do plan to write about each card over the next few weeks with some examples. These meanings were passed down to me by a Hungarian lady. I do not know her source but most likely they are word of mouth meanings. Seaqueen

  3. Thank you for replying so quickly. I find it so interesting to know that these card meanings were given to you by someone. I sort of feel that is the best way to get card meanings–orally. Thanks again for posting the meanings of the 7s. I look forward to your future blogs about the cards. Read

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