Asking question using astrology house layout – featuring Derivative houses plus Lenormand cards

I have written about the Astrology wheel (Zodiac) layout many times. Also, I have used a variety of card systems to demonstrate the linking process of card – in – house. Today’s topic is about Derivative houses and how to gain additional insights into your question. Grab a coffee or cup of tea, lol, this will be a longer post.

Most Lenormand cartomancers prefer to read the cards in groups. Let me explain my view on this in relation to the 12 houses of the Astrology wheel (Zodiac) layout.  You can gain ample information using one card in each house because every house of the Astrology wheel layout means a number of things in one’s life. You can link the houses by various techniques (ie. today’s topic derivative houses) when asking a question. The center card should you choose to have one is similar to the crossing card of the 10 card Celtic cross. It is either going to help or hinder the theme (question) of the reading. Often this card will reveal an important issue at hand perhaps not connected to the question. 

I like placing the cards on a “lazy susan” type of rotating tray (turntable) but you can just as easily draw lines on a piece of thicker cardboard. Make sure you place the house numbers on the outside of the wheel. It would also help if you had another slightly bigger circle underneath with just the house numbers on the outer edge. When you turn the inner circle around the cards will be upside down or sideways. Just reposition them upright. It takes a little longer but you do need a good visual. You can always pick up an expensive cake tray on a pedestal 🙂 at the dollar or two store and mark the houses in permanent marker. This way you have it for future use. I’m pretty sure they have “lazy susan” types of trays. Maybe you can come up with another idea of your own.

The image below features the attractive mini Mystic Mauve Lenormand by Tarotlyn,©2014.  Tarotlyn (click name to see cards on Youtube) Notice the Clover card  in the center (card 13). What should female J know about her relationship with male B? They have been hanging out (dating) for about 6 months. J really wants to know if this romantic connection will lead to a more serious relationship. Note: If I were doing this layout for a client I would scan (read) all the cards and give a brief overview and then focus on the question at hand. mystic mauve lenormand tarotlyn 2014 The image below with the names of the cards except card 13 (I forgot to add it, lol) is written on a sheet found in Russell Grant’s Astrology Kit,©1994. Russell Grant’s Astrology Kit (click name for Russell’s website) russell grant's astrology kit 1994 Lenormand cards in wheel It is much easier for me to demonstrate today’s topic using variations of the above image with one of my image editing programs. In order to answer J’s question you would look at house 5 which represents romance. Here we have the Birds card. In some ways this card reflects some of J’s worries about this romantic connection. Also, Birds can indicate “2” of something. Does she have a rival? The Birds card also suggests communication between these two people is probably really good.

Ok, now we turn the wheel to see which card lies in which house. In the image below you will see the Birds card in House 1 (left side). We do this so we can find out more about this situation. If you are versed in Astrology you can do this visually just by counting the houses until you come to the house you want to read. Many of you are not that experienced in this technique and this is why I am offering this process step by step using diagrams.   🙂 

BIRDS in derivative house 1Now, the *Birds* card is situated in House 1 because we want to know more about it. We can look in a number of houses. Correction: Heart in house 2 not House. Let’s look in House 7 which would represent male B. Here we have the Cross card. This indicates that B sees this romantic connection as being quite heavy. This can also suggest their connection is karmic in nature. Does this couple’s circle of friends support this connection? We would look at house 11, the Park. This is a card of open public support. I will only talk about a few meanings of the Astrological houses. Don’t forget this house also represent’s one wishes and so on.

There are many more answers which can be arrived at by studying the cards in appropriate houses. Let’s suppose female J wants to know what B’s romantic feelings are for her. Look to house 5. Here we have the Tree card. B probably doesn’t have a healthy outlook towards it.

Ok, one more question. J wants to know why B thinks their connection is heavy (Cross card in house 7 of relationships). We turn the layout so that the Cross card is at House 1 position. See diagram below. CROSS CARD IN ASTROLOGY HOUSE 1 Directly across from house 1, the Cross card we can see the Birds card in house 7 of relationships. B might be a little nervous about this relationship developing any further. It could be causing him more grief than he is willing to put up with. The Park card in house 5 might indicate this romantic connection is more for mere public entertainment (one of the meanings of house 5). B probably has a secret (Book card in house 9) about someone at a distance. I haven’t talked about the Heart card yet which brings me to J’s next question. Does B love her? One final turn of the wheel :). We place the Heart card in the derivative house 1 position and continue…. HEART card in astrological house 1 Look at the Letter card in house 5 which represents romance but also love. This card is saying that she will be getting some news from B about his feelings for her. Card 13 in the center is the Clover card which lends some positive energy to this news. The Bouquet card falls in house 8 suggesting there is a great fondness. The Path card in house 7 of relationships is warning J that B is in the process of a decision about their connection. The Anchor card in house 3 hints at real solid conversation coming up for this couple. And so on. And finally, in answer to the original question, “J really wants to know if this romantic connection will lead to a more serious relationship.” I think it will because there are no cards to indicate otherwise. Sure, there are questionable influences but we do not have the Scythe or Coffin appearing anywhere. What do you think?

I’d better wrap up this post. As you can see you can extract quite a bit of information when you …turn the astrological wheel.   🙂

2 thoughts on “Asking question using astrology house layout – featuring Derivative houses plus Lenormand cards

  1. Hi SeaQueen,

    I’ve seen readers use 3 Lenormand cards or 3 zigeuner gypsy cards in each house. I guess I’m just not getting it.
    Have you used 3 Lenormand cards per house to do a general yearly reading with this zodiac spread?
    Thank you

    • Hello. Thanks for your question. Yes, I do use 3 cards in the Zodiac spread but in order to keep my posts at a reasonable length I opted for the 1 card in houses to illustrate the topic of the post. For the Derivative House technique it would be quite an extensive interpretation with 3 cards. I would, though, encourage you to try it if you have a good understanding of the Zodiac houses and whatever deck you are using. Let me know if you do experiment with the 3 cards or if you have any questions. Seaqueen.

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