How to read the Playing Your Cards Right: Finding Destiny in Playing Cards system

I was gifted with the Playing Your Cards Right: Finding Destiny in Playing cards 103 page handbook a few weeks ago. I noticed the author was anonymous so I did a google search right away. The copyright from 1999 belongs to International Rights, Ltd. I will respect the author’s wishes to remain anonymous, however, it does not surprise me why this handbook is so well put together given she is an accredited Astrologer.

For all of you who may have this book but never took the time to learn the process of this system, this post is for you. Also, for anyone who is considering briefing through the system out of curiosity.

I will write a review on this handbook at a later time because I wanted to demonstrate on how to read this system. What I will say is that all the 52 cards in the standard playing deck are marked according to the charts in the book. Actually, it is quite easy to follow. Each card is linked to one of the Houses of the Astrological wheel. Marked deck of 52The KIngs belong to the center position of the wheel. They are read as representations of important men in one’s life. You can identify males according to the Astrological sign assigned to them. This is a very different system. All Aces are linked to House 1, all 2’s to House 2 and so on. The Jacks belong to House 11 and the Queens belong to House 12. The suits are not linked to the common practice of reading them by elements such as water, fire, earth and air. Each of the 13 cards in the each suit is linked by triplicity. Triplicity means there are 3 signs belonging to one element. For example: Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer belong to the Water element. I didn’t use the 2 Jokers for the reading below. One Joker (red) is really good energy and one is half in half. 

Marked Jokers

I find this system quite intriguing as I have had a great fondness for Astrology since I was 14 years old. I do think a solid understanding of Astrological Houses is most helpful. The handbook has charts and detailed descriptions to help you along if you have minimal Astrological knowledge. 

The laying of the cards is counter-clockwise beginning at House 1 all the way around the House 12. The 13th card is placed in the middle. This card will reveal what’s on the person’s mind. If a question is asked this card will lead you to the answer by following the triplicities.

The partial reading below is for a friend’s husband Sam. There is never a shortage of volunteers for experimental readings. No question asked. He shuffled his own deck and sent me an image. I replaced the cards with my own marked deck.

–> For a quick assessment the red and black cards can be positive or negative energy when falling in a House. That’s your initial feel of the House even before you study the card in it to any degree.

I do want to keep this post a reasonable length. It is a new approach to playing cards than you are accustomed to reading about so I don’t want to overcomplicate it.

Before you begin you would scan over the layout to see if the elements are distributed evenly. If there is a predominance of one particular element like “W” for water you know the theme of the reading will be rooted in Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer houses. Houses 12, 8 and 4 are bridged together because they belong to the water element.

Center Card: 9  This isn’t the wish card in this system. It represent all those things under the 9th house rulership such as travel, higher education, belief systems, things at a distance (foreign). Here we can see Sam is probably thinking of travel either business or vacation. He could get involved in some school activities as well. 

We can see that the 9 belongs to the Fire element. Next, we look at House 9 because the center card is a 9. It is the Ace possibly representing Sam if he is an Air sign (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius). This would mean all things under House 9 rulership are important to him because the center card is a 9. All Aces are Significator cards three Signs to every Ace. The red card’s energy is favourable. If this is not Sam’s sign then you take the secondary meanings for the Ace like enhancement of personal and public relations. The process that goes on in your head in linking is much better than I can describe in words because I need to take things out of context to explain them.

Astrology 13 card layout April 2015. card linking

Next, we look at House 1 because the 9 is a fire card. House 1 is a fire House/Aries. Here we have the 6 ♠. Black card here is suggests personal affairs will be hindered. But why? Next we study House 6 and we know it represents health, everyday work, pets, services, etc.  Any one of these things would be on his mind or affect him personally. Right away we know that matters under House 6’s rulership are part of this theme. House 6 is covered by a red card suggesting negative energy. The 3♥ is linked to the 3rd House mainly of communications, short distant trips, mail/messages, etc.

Next, fire House 5 is covered by a red card which is negative energy. The 8 of diamonds is linked to House 8. The meaning of the 8 can be a gift, mutual funds, joint resources, etc. Since 8 is linked to House 8, Sam needs to avoid taking any risks involving joint resources.

Astrology 13 card layout April 2015 HOUSES 1 5 9

At this stage I would study House 6 by linking it to the other 2 earth Houses, Capricorn and Taurus. Since there is a 3 card in House 6 you would first study House 3 then continue with the other Earth Houses. Note there is a 5 card in House 3 which is linked to House 5. Also, there is a 5 card in House 12 linking back to House 5. There is definitely a strong House 5 influence. Notice the theme pointing back to House 5 matters. Another thing to note is the three 8 cards which are linked to House 8 joint resources. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this demonstration on how to read this system. It would be a good idea to record everything on paper until you get used to it.

3 thoughts on “How to read the Playing Your Cards Right: Finding Destiny in Playing Cards system

  1. And one of those three 8s falls in its own house. The author says we “must give added weight or importance to the affairs of that Card and Position”.

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