Synchronicity by Guest blogger Dennis Ng

Dennis Ng

Dennis Ng

Synchronicity is a term coined by Carl Jung in the 1920s. 

It speaks to how our life events are all tied together through some underlying theme. Some people call it destiny or fate, while others call it the “Grand Design” or “God’s Will.” Regardless of which verbiage you use, it has been shrouded in mystery and mysticism. Most people adopt a fatalistic attitude and submit themselves to life’s ebbs and flows like a boat lost in the sea. However, there are a select few that dare to divine the Grand Design; hoping that if they discover the cosmic blueprint, that they will be able to chart their course and navigate towards a more successful life or assist others in this quest. These gifted individuals have been persecuted throughout the ages and have been debased with a multitude of pejorative names such as heretics, charlatans, or devil-worshippers. While society has a come a long way, and while we no longer burn witches at the stake (as far as I’m aware of”), there’s still a social stigma attached to practitioners of divination. I believe that the majority continue to regard partaking in the knowledge of the Grand Design somehow gives these individuals an unfair advantage and therefore, they’d rather ostracize them so that they can take comfort in the thought that everyone is blinded to this mystical knowledge and that somehow, that levels the playing field. I beg to disagree.

I used to call myself “The Reluctant Seer” because I have struggled with this my entire life. I always feel like I have three personas. One that grew up in a religious household replete with prayers and rituals; a second one who is a scientist, ever vigilant of evidence-based practices, and finally a third one who is on an eternal journey towards enlightenment through cartomancy.

I have always been fascinated by both playing cards and tarot cards. I first encountered the book, “How to Develop Clairvoyance” by W.E. Butler when I was 13 years old, and subsequently had my first tarot deck, “The Elemental Tarot” by Caroline Smith. I started doing readings for my friends, classmates, and even some teachers; and I was continuously amazed by how much information I was able to glean just by laying out the cards. I grew up in the Philippines, a deeply Catholic country, and therefore, I can’t just walk around with a deck to Tarot Cards. Hence, I also started doing readings using ordinary playing cards…and I discovered that there’s nothing ordinary about them. My first cartomancy book was “Reading Your Future in the Cards” by Louise Woods. It is now out of print and the card definitions are sometimes amusing; but I highly recommend it in case you run into it in a second-hand bookstore. I also recommend, “It’s All in The Cards” by Chita St. Lawrence. Her card reading style and definitions are supposedly based on Russian gypsy traditions. It came to me at time in my life when I needed guidance the most. I  had lost my job and was living by myself in a strange city, far away from friends and family. I took solace in the cards and the better future that they laid out for me. That book is also now out of print but I have gleaned from it the wisdom that I needed to continue my journey.

I find it interesting that the principles of synchronicity resound strongly in my life. I encounter new and exciting cartomantic systems at time in my life when I need it that most. Most recently, I had encountered Ana Cortez’ Playing Card Oracles on a business trip to Omaha, NE. As with my prior experiences, I was having some uncertainty with my career and learning this new way of reading playing cards helped to ground me and allowed me to gain some insight on how I should direct my future.

This brings me to the present moment and I’m ever as excited to continue my cartomancy journey. I have made new friends and acquaintances, and am deeply honoured to have met masters and teachers in the art.

Dennis Ng

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