Guest blogger – Christine Susanne Renaud, RMT (Nova Scotia, Canada)


I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am a Registered Massage Therapist (25 years) and within that parameter I have worked on Palliative clients (as well as being a volunteer) and part of the board for The Palliative Care (Hospice) and a guest speaker for the Palliative Care Symposium of Southwestern Ontario, (presented by the University of Western Ontario), in the area I lived in. The training for massage is 2400 hours. I have added many other modalities to my practice over the years…including Cranial Sacral Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Polarity, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki (Master status), Shamanic Healing and studies. I would like to give a brief description to each of these.

+ Cranial Sacral – less than 5 grams of pressure, feeling of the cerebral/spinal flow of fluid (as it fills and drains about 5-6 cycles per minute and to be able to slow it down, fill and restart to reduce blockages and increase energy and fluid flow (usually resulting in a deeper state of relaxation).

+Manual Lymph Drainage – a VERY gentle technique to reduce swelling (fluid)…especially effective with cancer survivors who have the lymph nodes removed.

+Reflexology – a technique done on the feet and hands, where the effect of the pressure affects the energy lines flowing around the body and aids in increasing or decreasing the flow of energy to help restore balance.

+ Aromatherapy- is the study and application of essential oils (the concentrated form of plant source and proven scientifically) to elicit a positive and restorative balance by application externally by massage or inhalations and other forms.

+Polarity, Therapeutic Touch and Reiki- are all energy (thought and intention) based therapies coming from different sources and principles that can be touch or none touch forms.

+Shamanic studies- the study and application of native traditions based on many differing traditions from around the world but with many similar principles (using voice, drum, animal, elements and such).

🙂 You can contact Christine on Face Book (<—click) link or at The Healer’s Emporium (<—-click link). She will be offering a Introductory workshop in Aromatherapy on Sunday, April 12/15 at the The Healer’s Emporium, St Windsor, Nova Scotia. Also, another workshop in Aromatherapy is scheduled on Sunday, April 26/15 in Sackville, New Brunswick.

If you are in this area of Canada don’t miss receiving any one of Christine’s services. She is a very dynamic lady and exceptional teacher.

Christine’s article on Aromatherapy. 

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