4 card Elements layout featuring the De Laurence’s Tarot Cards No. 20D

Last night I was contacted by a long time client of mine, Veronica. (click name for archive of her past readings)

Elements Layout instructions

Elements Layout instructions

I decided to do the 4 cards Elements layout featuring the wonderful “red” De Laurence’s Tarot cards. Veronica wanted to know where she was at in her life. This type of question can suggest she might be stuck in her current life direction or in the midst of a major shift. Apparently there are some situations coming to a head over the next few months. I felt Veronica was feeling unsettled within herself.

The Elements layout: After you shuffle, place the first card (your thoughts) on the table, second card (your feelings) goes to the left and the third card ( plan of action) goes to the right. The final card (what can happen- result) is centered underneath cards 2 and 3 in line card card 1.

I have written about this layout quite a few times. If you click the category on the right side bar under 7b LAYOUTS there are lots of examples with many different decks of cards.

If you like or are open to the last card then you need to adopt the teachings of card 3. If you do not like the last card’s outcome, then you need to view card 3 in another way or look for solutions within the card. We create our reality. Our decisions pave the way to outcomes/results and things which can happen. Card readings reveal the highest probabilities but one must remember some things are definitely out of our control. At the time of shuffle (horary concept) we set up the reading much in the same way as an Astrological chart. 

The best way to demonstrate all of this is to go ahead with Veronica’s reading.

Seaqueen's Elements layout. De Laurence's Tarot cards No 20 D
What are Veronica’s current thoughts?  3 of Wands.

The image in this card really reflects what is going on in Veronica’s mind. With one hand she is holding on to some situations in her life as she faces outward towards the water. She could be turning her back on the way things are because there is a lack of adventure. It’s not very clear whether the ships are sailing away from the individual in the card. They could be coming to port. This card tells me not all her thoughts are totally in what is going on with her life currently. She is attached to some situations more for grounding than anything.

What is Veronica feeling? THE WORLD

She has come to a point in her life where many situations no longer serve her in a meaningful way. Often this is a card of travel. Maybe she just wants to take off. Veronica is feeling many endings in quite a few areas. This card is one of completion and is generally a very positive energy. Sometimes, you experience the wholeness of an emotion and there is no more room for growth. A new emotional experience is desired.

What actions should Veronica embark on or what can she do to get unstuck? TEMPERANCE

Balance is the key here. This card strongly suggests to do things in moderation. Impulsive or radical actions are not the best way. Many circumstances will come up that will teach her she needs to be flexible and not give up.

What can happen? What advice are the cards giving to Veronica in connection to her question? Page of Swords.

Veronica needs to remember that everything is not against her. She does not need to be defensive or resist changes which are probably occurring in her life direction.

It is obvious that the teachings of the Temperance card will not be totally implemented. If Veronica was grounded she would not still be wielding the intellectual sword in such a protective way.

So, where is she at?  Veronica definitely needs to change some things which no longer are in her highest good. It’s time to let go. She needs to remember that whatever she releases will be replaced with something new. Perhaps a new way of looking at her life direction. The 3 of Wands suggested that she is looking at other options or interests.

The key to this reading lies with the TEMPERANCE card. This card appeared in the plan of action of this layout. Veronica should take advantage of this energy. She needs to walk straight on the path she is on and more importantly she needs to come to terms with her insecurities as depicted in the Page of Swords.

I would recommend that she meditates or finds a creative outlet which brings back some joy into her life as she moves forward and embraces the changes coming…

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