Zolar’s Gypsy method GT layout with 32 cards

In Zolar‘s Fortune Telling by Cards (1968) paperback there is a section with some very simple meanings for 32 cards. I really like these meanings. All the 2’s through 6’s are not used in this system. Actually, 32 card readings were more popular than 36 card readings. There is an explanation on how to read these cards in a 8 x 4 GT. After you shuffle the deck you select one card. This will determine the suit of the Court card which will represent you. So, if you pick 9 hearts, the Queen♥ is your Significator card. if you are a female. If you choose, 7 diamonds, the King♦ is your Significator card if you are a male. One thing to remember is that the Jack♦ will be his thoughts. 

Once you establish your Significator card you place 8 cards in a row, continue with the second row of 8 and so on, much like the Lenormand GT but without the last four cards of the 8×4+4 GT. This Gypsy method GT is read row by row.

I am using a vintage round deck of cards with red flowers on the back of them. They are probably from the 1970’s. 

I’ll write about row one only just to give you an idea how easy these meanings are to read. There is no image provided in the paperback for this GT only write-up of the actual cards in each row. The other thing is marriage can be predicted depending on which row the wish and marriage cards are located providing these two cards are in ‘good’ company. Reading is for a female. She chose 7♣ so her Significator is Queen♣.

Zolar's 32 card GT playing card system

Zolar’s 32 card GT playing card system

  • 8♣ –PLEASURE
  • 7 -LOVE

Our story goes something like this … The female getting the reading is in a good mood during the shuffle. The 8♣ represents pleasure and the 7♣ indicates prosperity coming to her through a lawyer K♣ or man with legal connections.

The K coupled with 7 suggests a fair man is in love with her. The 10 represents joy (in this case) and when combined with the 9 suggests a birth.

The K represents a good friend.

Easy as pie.  Then you would continue the story by reading row two (not shown in image). The 7♠ and 9♠ are the first two cards. These two cards suggest troubles for the good friend K. The 7♠ is unpleasant news and the 9♠ represents quarrels. The Jack follows so this means this situation is very much on his mind.

I have these meanings written on a spare deck of playing cards. It is really a good exercise in telling a story since the cards have minimal meanings. 


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