telling a story with the Gypsy Queen Fortune Telling Cards

Today’s post features the vintage Gypsy Queen fortune-telling cards.

From my research this deck dates to the early 1950’s. The backs have blue stars and the cards are not plastic coated. Each card has an image and a one word description. There are 36 cards consisting of four suits – diamonds, circles, squares and stars. There are nine unlucky cards namely Pride, Danger, Malice, Gossip, Calamity, Envy/Jealousy, Sickness, Disappointment and Tears/Sorrows.

The leaflet (the fortune-telling section) which comes in the box has no meanings for the cards. The whole concept behind this deck is to tell a story using the images/name of card. Only 18 cards are actually read because 18 in total are discarded during the layout process. The face down cards in the image are the discards.

There are only three rows of six upright cards read. Past, Your wish (top) and Future (near bottom). This is a highly creative way of reading cards. You pretty much make up the meanings, link the cards together but do keep in mind the unlucky cards. I had to shuffle the cards very carefully given their age and the delicate card stock.

Note: The 2 of diamonds is the only card which has two images with the word Fair on it. Top image is a male and reversed image is a female. There is no mention in the leaflet as to why or if the meaning is altered from ‘Fair’. I will hazard a guess that if you are a female you turn the card upright to the female. Now this can pose a bit of a problem especially if you want to know about the male in your life because there is no significator for a man. (vice versa true or adjust according to gender relationships) What you could do is keep the 2 of diamonds upright to represent a male (or reversed for female, etc) because the Your Wish row might reveal information around him or her. Let’s experiment below and see what happens. Confusing? Hope not, lol.

I think I will upload three separate images so you can see the cards. I am making a wish on behalf of a good friend. It is his wish and yes, I have permission to post his reading. This way he can read it as well, although, we have already done an in-depth reading about this topic. I left the 2 of diamonds (man) upright. His wish is for some test results to be ok as in no serious findings which might lead to treatments, etc.

The Past

Gypsy Queen fortune telling cards. The Past row.

The Past row – Law/Study, Pride (unlucky card), Business Commerce, Malice (unlucky card), Gift, Fidelity.

There are only nine unlucky cards and this reading has five of them. The first card could represent the test as some paperwork was necessary and careful study of why the test was given. This man has a very optimistic attitude (Pride) towards life and feels he can beat whatever it is. He is very much into his work (Business Commerce). When this situation was first discovered it posed a very real threat (Malice) which needed further investigation. He was truly lucky (Gift) that whatever it is has been caught in the early stages. He is loyal (Fidelity) to himself by agreeing to a further more invasive test.

The Wish

Gypsy Queen fortune telling cards. The wish row.

The Wish row – Danger (unlucky card), Gossip (unlucky card), Flirtation, Tears/Sorrow (unlucky card), Affection/Kisses and Opportunity.

Three unlucky cards surrounding the wish. The way I want to read these cards is that there is an element of possible negative results. The last two cards add a bit more promise to the entire row. He may not be taking this test too seriously (Flirtation). In the Affection/Kisses card are two butterflies an indication of changes to come and with the Opportunity card there are treatments available. The Gossip card is all about all the information found on-line about this particular situation. He admits he has researched what could happen should the result not go in his favour.

The Future

Gypsy Queen fortune telling cards. The future row.   The Future row – Success, Surprise, Proposal, News, Wish and Fair These six cards are very good. The Success card could be suggesting everything will work out well and if there are treatments they will be ‘successful’. However, there will be something come up which was not anticipated (Surprise). There will be an offer (Proposal) coming via written letter (News) concerning his wish (Wish card) which is very close to him (Fair). Now, the big question is what does ‘Fair’ mean. Is it a colour or is it a result. Fair haired or fair results?

I think something will be confirmed by this test result which will sadden the man but there will be hope…with options on how to treat this successfully. Have to wonder what the discarded 18 cards might predict…. 🙂

3 thoughts on “telling a story with the Gypsy Queen Fortune Telling Cards

  1. Thanks for the questions. cardlady22: I have yet to locate the card titles broken down by the suit. Terri: I don’t think so. Does your deck have the 4 circle Dark cards?

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