staying open to Fox as a work card



I usually reserve the Anchor card for topics related to work. Over the last few years I have been seeing the Fox card time and time again coupled with Significator cards. It is obvious they are not all rotten apples, lol. I read for a certain regular male and 9/10 times the Fox card is next to the Gentleman card (his Significator).

This duo can mean workaholic. It can also mean that the male is constantly talking or thinking about work. Stretching it even further the male is probably in the “wrong” line of work. The nature of his work is dog eat dog. (no offence to animal lovers it’s just an expression you can find –>here)

A few combinations for your consideration using Fox as a work card.

  • SUN a bright profession.
  • Happy with job BOUQUET.
  • Changes at work STORK.
  • SNAKE unreliable coworker.
  • First job CHILD.
  • SHIP business trip.
  • Working with a friend DOG.
  • Professional development RIDER.
  • Buried in work COFFIN.
  • PARK salesperson.
  • And lastly BIRDS an attorney

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