Asking Pages of Shustah about a roof

Today’s question will be posed to the Pages of Shustah system. My working/study deck in the image below has the main meanings on the cards. It’s always a good idea to meditate on the images for additional clues. The sketches are designed in such a way that often the image can move if you stare at it long enough. For example, the red Serpent card has a coiled up snake with its head facing downward. Sometimes it will lift its head…imagination…perhaps. The more common questions are covered often. So, let’s ask the card a question about a thing instead of a person or situation. Background: A couple had a minor incident with their roof because of the ice build up over the winter. For those of you who are home owners you know that the eavestrough needs to be relatively clear to allow the water to run off roof. It can’t be helped that there were blocks of ice in the eavestrough in various parts of a home when the temperatures are freezing. Question: Will the couple’s roof hold up during the rainy weather over the next 3-6 months? In other words, will the roof be free of any incidents of leaking? pages of shustah roof question march 25:15 The Premise of the question is represented by the first card. The green Magical horse. So, what is the root or basis of the question. It’s all about a situation which did occur quickly in the past. It’s green energy suggesting there was no major problems or delays. More on the green Horse –> here and here. The Situation or Problem of the question is indicted by the second card. The yellow Golden horse. If this card represents the situation then it is all good because it’s all about passing the test. The roof will be tested and it looks like it has enough strength to withstand upcoming rainy weather. It’s not really a problem as sometimes depicted by the 2nd card. More on the yellow Horse –> here and here. The Result of the question is revealed in the third card. The blue Fishes. This card is about a small wish granted. In connection to the question, the answer is that the roof with hold up. Since it is a small wish this situation could be positive for a short time or only valid during the time frame of the question – 3 to 6 months. More on the blue Fishes —>  here

I should mention that many times the Result card is not the answer. Sometimes the answer is contained within the Situation/Problem card. It all depends on the strength of the card. Careful considerations are necessary when studying powerful cards.

Observations: Notice that the two horses are not facing each other. That’s a good thing because there would be a collision of energy. The golden horse is more powerful in that its energy is more enduring. The green race horse appears to be more impulsive thereby creating some minor conflicts. The basis is rooted in the past or passing situation of the question. The incident with the roof came on fast without warning. There was a swift resolution. Action was taken to remove the ice dam on the roof via a professional service.

All in all, the reading is favourable and the couple should not be experiencing any major problems with the roof over the time span of the reading.

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