Relationship question. Robin Wood Tarot. Celtic Cross.

The image below features the Robin Wood Tarot in the 10 card Celtic Cross. The staff of the layout is placed beneath the center cross for easier referencing and the more common meanings of these positions 6-10 do not change.

Most of my Tarot decks are packed away for now until I get them out of the storage bins and display them on the shelving. That is a huge task because I have so many decks, sets and books that I don’t even want to attempt this, lol, unless I know that I can finish it. I have a couple of regular decks on hand and the Robin Wood Tarot is “it” for today.

As you all know cards in the positions 1-6 vary. Not everyone will place card 3 beneath cards 1/2,  card 4 to the left, card 5 above cards 1/2, card 6 to the right of the cards 1/2. 

This couple we are asking about has been in a committed relationship for five years. A situation has arisen, which is putting an emotional strain on both of them. There is no talk of separating as they are in love with each other. This couple is of mature years (55+). Will they break up?

tarot celtic cross March 20:15
Let’s look at the outcome/result card 10 first and work backwards. It is the 6 of Cups reversed. We know that this card in the upright position depicts nostalgia. It is usually of pleasant memories. Some read the reversed as clinging onto some past situations particularly hurtful memories. For this couple, maybe they are looking at how things used to be in their relationship but not necessarily longing for that.

I have mixed feelings about the 6 of Cups reversed. In my experience, I have seen this card to mean let bygones be bygones with a focus more on the future. The rest of the layout will determine how this will all play out. I think the attitude in card 7 will play an important role. The 8 of Pentacles is a card of applied energy to a situation. More work will be done on this relationship but there are not too many more options. Card 8, 3 of Pentacles is a card of skills. There is an appreciation for this relationship and each other.

Card 1: The Lovers – this card reflects the relationship. In this card is a decision. The covering card 2, 4 of Cups suggests a standstill in the emotional development of this relationship. Neither of these two people really want to do anything about the issues around this relationship.

Card 3: The Tower – as most of you know the experience of this card can sometimes be an emotional strain. Something happened in the recent past for sure. Things were going along nicely and then all of a sudden a new situation emerges which throws everything off-balance. The relationship has suffered.

Card 4: The Hermit – as a passing influence this card indicates that this couple is looking within. Each person is doing some soul-searching. They have pulled away from each other. At times this is necessary so that you come back with “new eyes” towards current issues. This influence will pass and hopefully something good will come out of it for the couple.

Card 5: 10 of Wands – this card suggests some real heaviness. Neither person is able to carry the load for the problem in the relationship. This spot is often read as the distant future or it is read as an alternate path which leads to the outcome card. Either way, it’ll be a struggle. The worst case scenario is probably around the corner.  They are taking their problems into the future..

Card 6: 3 of Swords – someone is going to get hurt if not both. This is the near future spot. When you combine this card with the Lovers card it means a break up is pending. You can have an intellectual split in the relationship and stay together. There will be some ego bruising that’s for sure.

Card 9: 6 of Pentacles – the couple is hoping for a fair resolution and not just a few crumbs of hope here and there.  What they don’t want is for one to be in more control than the other. How fair is that?

Ok, back to the 6 of Cups reversed. There is an element of caring involved in this card. I see it as a card of moving forwards but I will draw a clarification card for additional information.  It was great to see The Sun card.

Robin Wood Sun card

There will be a satisfactory ending but it could still be break up because it’s in the highest good of both people.   🙂     🙂    

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