Going to a reader to ask about another reader’s prediction 1/2

The 1979 Book of Destiny (Le Livre du Destin) deck contains 33 large cards. There are 32 pictorial cards plus the white blank card representing the person getting the reading. The cards are read upright and also have reversed meanings which are included in the bilingual instructional booklet. I have turned 3 cards upside down while keeping them face down. You can do this process any way you want or just read them all upright. It’s up to you. I think reversals are important as well because there could be clues within those cards which will add another dimension to the reading. They (one, two and/or three) may or may not come up in the layout.

One more thing, I have marked the Significator card as well to indicate which side is reversed with a small letter “R”. 

5 card ADVICE layout for any deck of cards

5 card ADVICE layout for any deck of cards

In today’s example, I will feature the 5 card Advice layout. I shuffled the deck of 33 cards while focusing on a question requested by a colleague. This question is a little different than the more common ones. The female would like to know if the reading she received from a psychic will come true in the way it was predicted. This is a yes or no type of question but the 5 card Advice layout will provide more than just a simple yes or no answer (we hope). What the person is looking for is confirmation. I do not know the content of the psychic’s reading but I do know my colleague is troubled by it. Obviously, there is some prediction creating worry for the female. 

I get this type of question often. I mean, there are exceptions where information is not pleasing to the client but a lot depends on the circumstances going on in their lives. Divorces, job losses, betrayals, etc. happen a lot. One needs to be reminded that the client may be quite impressionable and the last thing you want to do is leave the client on a low. Always ends the reading on a high no matter what the cards reveal. 

There is an old saying, “measure twice, cut once”. You can’t take back what you’ve already said so think twice before delivering your prediction.

Let’s see if the Book of Destiny answers this question.

book of destiny reading

To follow in the next post the interpretation of the 5 card Advice layout. Going to a reader to ask about another reader’s prediction 2/2

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