5 card Lenormand layout- possible answers

The 5 card layout is one of the more common spreads to use for a specific question. Many cartomancers read the positions in the following way:

  • center card represents the focus of the question. If no question is asked, the middle card reveals an issue which is important at the time of shuffle.
  • first two cards describe situations or people involved in the question. Some recent background is suggested by these cards.
  • last two cards describe the overall results stemming from the question
  • often cards are mirrored. This means cards 1 & 5 and  2 & 4 are compared to determine additional information. (optional)
  • another common method is to add up all 5 cards to arrive at the hidden influence. Numbers are reduced but should not add up to more than 36 as there are only 36 cards in the Lenormand deck. (optional) 

Reading left to right is popular as well. In my view, you can read these 5 cards in whatever way feels right for you depending on your initial learning process. It is a good idea to say open to other methods because you can never know too much – there is always something to learn.

medical test results questionThe question asked comes under the category of well-being.

Male wants to know the results of a common medical test.

CENTER CARD: Ship – We are not asking a question concerning any type of travel plans or business commerce.

One needs to remember this card depicts matters which are foreign in nature.  If we use the latter meaning the card points to something which is not familiar. If you tie that into the question, it suggests that an unknown (foreign) information might be discovered from the test results.

FIRST TWO CARDS: Clover + Dog – These two cards could describe the male client. He has always considered himself to be lucky. He is also a good friend. Most likely this combo means something else directly related to the question.

The Clover card brings situations to us which are sudden. It is a swift energy quite similar to the Scythe card but very different at the same time. This tells us the necessity for the test came unexpectedly.

The Dog card often refers to a friend. We need to vet out other possible meanings for this card to tie them into the theme of the question. There is supportive energy within this card. If you combine the Dog card with the Ship card there could be support coming from a person at a distance.

LAST TWO CARDS: Scythe + Path – There are several possibilities with this combination as well as a continuing story from the previous three cards. Here we have sudden energy again which will lead to some choices requiring a decision.

The Scythe card often represents surgery (cutting something out). That is a possibility.  If you tie this card to the Ship card depicting something “foreign” then it would make sense.

The Path card is definitely a pending decision because of the test results. If the results were ok then there probably is no need for further decision-making.

(If you add the numbers together the total is 10 – The Scythe. The hidden message is expect the unexpected real soon. Surgery? Very likely.)

Summary Statement: To answer the question you would tell the client that it looks like the test results will reveal “something” which he probably already suspects. The situation will require further investigation. Most likely a prompt follow-up procedure is necessary. 

I see much more than the above summary statement. Just answer the question asked of the cards. Keep it simple with little drama.

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