It’s in the stars and under the moonlight – Lenormand system

I’ve had a number of questions regarding the Lenormand Moon and Lenormand Stars cards. Mainly, the questions are about the differences between these cards and how to read them.

I think it’s very important to have a good handle (understanding) of each of these cards. There are a few similarities which could be confusing in the initial stage of interpretation. A lot depends on what you have learned about each of these cards as well because there are a few versions which are rooted in different countries.

The Tarot Moon and Tarot Star card may influence you to some degree if you have studied the Tarot system to any depth. It’s easy to transfer some of these meanings to the Lenormand primarily because if the Tarot was you first system then it would be part of your memory.

When I started blogging 9 or 10 years ago,  I stressed the fact right off the bat to forget what you learned about the Tarot. When I said to forget, it meant to set aside the process of learning Tarot and not apply it to theLenormand system. Sure you “read” both systems but they are different languages. Each language has its own set of rules or guidelines. By now, 2015, the majority of theLenormand readers have come to understand this. 

You can be a very good Lenormand cards reader. Most readers struggle with one or two cards largely due to the array of meanings applied to those cards. There needs to be more than one single meaning for the majority of the cards because life is experienced on so many different levels by so many from different backgrounds, etc. 

Image symbolism can trigger different responses no matter what the meaning of the card. I read images even though I know just about every version of assigned meanings to the cards and then some… 

Below are some of the differences between the Lenormand Moon and Stars cards.

Lenormand Stars differences with Lenormand  Moon

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