Mini Celtic cross. Robin Wood Tarot. Work question.

The mini Celtic cross consists of the first six card of the 10 card layout. It is a good layout to do for a quick overview when asking a specific question. Since I have the Robin Wood deck on hand I will be featuring it in this layout.

In today’s post, we are asking about a work situation. Male has applied for a job vacancy. Do the cards look promising for him? Will he be offered the job? I asked another card system the same question and received an affirmative answer. The Tarot cards do not support the yes answer I received from the other deck. Let’s investigate to gain additional information. 

Work question. Robin Wood Tarot. Feb 23-15
There are a couple of ways to lay out the cards. In all my years of reading the Tarot I have always placed card #3 (4 of Pentacles) below the two center cards, placing card #4 (TEMPERANCE) to left of center, card #5 above the center and card #6 to the right of center.

Some Tarotists read the crowning card #5 as an alternate future direction. Others read this position as the distant future with card #6 being the immediate/pending future possibilities. 

1. The general aura/energy of the question is represented by the MOON in the first position. In my view, this is not the best card to have here when asking an important and direct question. There is a lack of clarity surrounding the job. There are three Major Arcana cards involved which means this situation is part of a bigger plan or pattern in the male’s life direction.

The Moon indicates that not all is being revealed in proper perspective. Could this card be hinting at something else? Did the male apply for this job under duress or from a depressed view of his life at the time of the reading.

2. The crossing card Emperor lends strong energy to this entire situation. It is a card of rulership.

The Emperor does represent the boss, employer and even a father. It can represent the male asking the question if he possesses the personality of the Emperor (Mars ruled). If it represents a father perhaps the reason the male is applying for this job has something to do with his dad.  Could it be that the father will become more important than the actual landing of the job.

3. The image in the 4 of Pentacles cards gives me the feeling of little movement one way or another. There is a focus on money since the individual in the card is grasping the pentacle very tightly. His feet are planted on the two pentacles on the ground. Another pentacle sits on his crown chakra blocking his intuition.

A good part of the reason the male is applying for this job is for solid financial reasons. It appears he is already financial secure and may have difficulty letting go of what he already has achieved in his current place of employment.

4. The Temperance card falls in the past position. This influence could still be around the male but it is not going to stick around forever. It is passing. The energy is of balance. The male wants to do the right thing. He wants balance in his life. He could be juggling many different areas of his life at the current time.

The Temperance card implies that the male getting the reading has a good head on his shoulders. He understands the importance of making decisions which will compliment all areas of his life. 

5. The Crowning position holds a very positive card. The 2 of Cups is also about balance. It also represents accepting choices or at least thinking about them. Since it is a cup card the male’s feelings are involved as well not just his intellect. He has much to offer this job he has applied for and the job would stir up his feelings.

Also, here lies the promise of a new relationship. There are two cups being exchanged suggesting the lines of emotional communication will be opened up. Could this card apply to work or love or both? There is a friendship which will help the male during this process. 

6. What lies before the male is the 5 of Cups reversed. This is not a promising card for securing the new position, however, he might, only to find out the job is part of a healing process in some way.

In the near future, the male can expect some disappointment but it certainly will not be as grave as if the card was in an upright position.  The two full cups might appear reversed in this card since it is upside down but the contents are not spilled. The individual in the image is facing towards the top of the card (better view of things) and not on the ground (self-pity).  Something is left for him to recover to perhaps to discover. I see this card as a positive influence.

The mini Celtic cross does hint at a possibility the male will secure the job. The Emperor’s influence as the crossing card can offer a time frame for this situation. Mars rules Aries thus putting it around March 21st – April 19th. As an afterthought, there could be conflict in the male’s availability for this new position as well because he is employed and would have to give fair notice of resignation (1 month).

I will post an update when I am informed of the answer..

2 thoughts on “Mini Celtic cross. Robin Wood Tarot. Work question.

  1. Hi! Great page btw! I was wondering if you know if he was offered that job. I know that reading is from 3 years ago 😉 Just thought I would ask.

    All the best, Veronika

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