Deep questions. 4 card Elements layout. Robin Wood Tarot.

I created the 4 card Elements layout many years ago. For examples of this layout using a variety of different card systems —> click here.

I really like this little layout. For deeper questions, such as what should you know about your current life direction (basis of reading below), each position will reveal the energy involved on the four levels of experience. Cards falling in these positions could disclose things you are not aware of at the time of the reading.


  • Card #1 is the Mental world (plane) – our currents thoughts at the time of shuffle.
  • ACE OF CUPS: this card brings into focus the client’s emotions. There could be a new love or love of a situation surrounding the person. Within this card is hope with positive energy. The client is on the verge of experiencing new feelings.
  • Card #2 is the Emotional world (plane) – our feelings at the time of the reading.
  • 10 of WANDS: here we find some of the client’s feelings being really weighed down by too many responsibilities such as work or hectic lifestyle.
  • Card #3 is the Physical world (plane) – where we apply some action or steps needed to achieve our desired goal.
  • 5 of CUPS: the client needs to let go of all that did not work out in the past. There needs to be a release of emotions. It would be a mistake to stand still and do nothing except feel sorry for oneself.
  • Card #4 is the Material world (plane) – the actual results. We can see the consequences which is the outcome of our thoughts coupled with feelings and applied action.
  • 6 of CUPS: thinking about the past. The client is caressing the memories of years and situations gone by.

The weight (10 of Wands) of the current emotions (#2 feelings position) blocks the new emotional level depicted by the Ace of Cups. Most likely the client will grab those 2 upright cups (5 of Cups) and forge ahead. By forging ahead the client needs to address some deep-rooted emotions (6 of Cups).

The client’s current life direction is all about their emotional well-being. This is of the utmost importance. The line of vision (10 of Wands) to new memories cannot be blocked by old painful memories.

feb 21:15 elements layout tarot

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