3 card Do/Don’t Do Spread

NOTE: Card 1 is the issue or circumstance. Card 2 is on the left and is the Don’t Do card. Card 3 is on the right and is the Do card

On page 270 of the The New Tarot Handbook by Rachel Pollack she mentions a 3 card layout by Tarotist Zoe Matoff. It is called the Do/Don’t Do Spread although when you lay the cards out the Don’t Do position is before the Do position.     🙂

I thought I’d give it a go on behalf of a younger man who is contemplating a job change. He wants to know if he should apply for a (lateral move) job position which would involve a relocation to another province from where he currently resides. Do-Don't Do Spread. Zoe Matoff

  • Card 1 represents the Situation. The card falling here will reveal what energy surrounds the question about the job.
  • Card 2 represents the Don’t Do advice. This card will show the male what he should not do even if he wants to. 
  • Card 3 represents the Do spot. This position will hold important guidance in relation to the question. 

Robin Wood Tarot. Do:Don't Do Spread.

This little layout works great with just about any deck of cards. I would just add a clarifying card to the position which needs additional support. 

SUN: This Major Arcana suggests happiness around the job question. Its energy is quite positive. There is an openness to learning whether it is one of life’s lessons or actual studies.

7 of Cups: The advice of this card is not to sit on this opportunity and do nothing. The male needs to decide. He needs to grab one of the cups and avoid comparing the pros and cons of applying for the new job. Too much time spent on thinking/day dreaming if it is the correct decision will be detrimental.  This cups cards shows some confusing emotions which must be dealt with because the success within the Sun card will be worth it.

King of Swords: The male needs to adopt this King’s personality and go for it. The swords Kings has learned to put aside his emotions when making decisions. Since it is linked to the air signs an intellectual approach is advised. The image in the Robin Wood Tarot clearly depicts a man standing his ground. His Heart chakra is covered by armour. No point being sentimental at this time. He holds the sword firmly in an upright position suggesting he is clear-headed.

SUMMARY: These three cards are very deep in their advice.  Basically, the cards are saying an opportunity shines on this young man in relation to this new job. Stop the emotional vacillating and take charge (accept the responsibility) by going after this job. Nice and simple guidance.

Food for Thought:  I do want to add that the King of Swords is not a risk taker but he is a good decision maker. He welcomes responsibility.

I drew a Clarification card for the King of Swords. The very next card on the pile was the 5 of Wands. Usually this is a card of competition. It can suggest an inner battle in regards to several options/plans. This duo reveals an inner conflict despite the controlling nature of the King of Swords. The dilemma continues to be within even though a wise decision is pending.

Robin Wood. King of Swords. 5 of Wands.

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5 thoughts on “3 card Do/Don’t Do Spread

  1. Beautiful, simple and quite complete. I love this spread at first glance here. Thank You for providing a new opportunity! Delighted I just found your site Madame Seaqueen!!

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