12 card Trigger layout featuring the 1979 Book of Destiny deck by Grimaud

The 1979 Book of Destiny (Le Livre du Destin) deck contains 33 cards measuring at 3″ x 4.5″. In the accompany lwb there are instructions for a game as well as a couple of layouts for the “fortune-telling” game. There are 32 cards containing an image plus a playing card inset as well as being numbered (upper right hand corner). The white card (blank) represents the person getting the reading.

I will offer a partial reading to give you an idea of how to read the cards. 

Let’s see what the cards say using the 12 card Trigger Layout. 

Consultant – fair-haired female in a relationship

seaqueen's 12 card trigger layout

For today’s version of the Trigger Layout,  you remove the blank (white) card and commence the layout around it. This means the white card is in the YOU spot. The next card laid down goes into spot 1, then 2, and so on (follow the sequence in the image template). The time frame selected for the Immediate column (cards 3, 6, 10) is one month. The time frame for the Soon Column (cards 4, 7, 11) is three months.

As a reminder, cards 1, 5, 8 is the recent past up to three months. Cards 2, YOU and 9 reveals the circumstances around the consultant (white card) at the time of shuffle. If you click the above image you will be taken to a detailed post on the Trigger Layout.


This row reveals a situation around the home Ace♥ which has been on the consultant’s mind (YOU) in the recent past. Over the next month, the consultant need to be alert for possible unwanted surprise 10♦. It could involve travel plans. The 10♥ card represents a marriage announcement within 3 months. More information on the Trigger cards can be determined by the root and result cards in the columns.



Let’s look at the Soon column (last one) that ends with the Trigger card Marriage. The 7♠ speaks about failure in plans or hopes deceived. This is the root of the Marriage card suggesting lack of honest or genuine motive. The result card Ace ♦ suggests some unexpected news or an official letter connected to the Marriage card. This could be a marriage proposal with “strings”.

In the Immediate column (second from right) we find the King ♥ indicating a lawyer. This is tied into the Trigger card Trap/Treachery which is something totally surprising and perhaps not wanted, ie: divorce.  The 10♣ can signify some sort of negotiation.

The Now column (with the Trigger card YOU) is flanked by the 7♦ suggesting some sort of slander or gossip affecting the client. The King♠ represents success in legal matters pertaining to inheritance or some sort of gift.

In the recent past (first column) the Trigger card House is coupled with the Ace♠ indicating a proposal of some type in the not too distant past. The Queen♣ suggests this situation was of a pleasant nature. Note: the person getting this reading is not “a dark Lady” she is a fair-haired female. 

I think the consultant will be hearing of a situation connected to her boyfriend which involved a dark-haired female. This may lead to a break up. She could receive an apology gift. Some legal issues will follow between this couple. The male involved will probably propose marriage to try and prove his feelings to her but the proposal is not sincere. The female consultant needs to be very careful about accepting an offer of marriage over the next three months as there are two negative cards Faithlessness and the Trigger card Trap/Treachery quite prominent in the reading. 

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