The Mystic Cards. Persian Prophecies.

The Persian Prophecies 42 Mystic Cards are a very simple system. The set includes an instruction sheet with the card meanings. There is also an example of a reading on the back of the sheet. The Cards are not named on the cards (only numbers), Below is a brief demonstration in how to read these cards in the block of 5 layout. They are read left to right which is fairly standard. I’ll read one line row. You really need to know how to synthesize meanings to come up with a prediction (statement of probable future).

The card images are drawn in red ink. Some of the cards need to be turned sideways to view the full image. The card backs are pretty cool (see below). I’m not certain of the age of this deck as there is little on google search. I’m guessing the cards are from the 1950’s or earlier as they show signs of vintage aging including the “old” scent of paper.

Backs of the cards

Backs of the cards

BLOCK OF 5: Prior to laying out the 25 cards shuffle you cut the deck 3x.  Read those cards according to the defined meaning of each cut. I haven’t shown that step.

Block of 5 layout

Block of 5 layout (last row was not included in image)

You begin by reading the first row (very top) and then continue with row 2-5. The theme or topic is continued in the subsequent rows. Other times certain cards stand out as a main theme (key cards) and are affected by the influence of neighbouring cards. Each reading is different.

Row 1: Cards 21, 34, 15, 20 and 33.

Card 21 is a load or burden. Card 34 indicates a sickness. Card 15 represents a fair man. Card 20 suggests a change of direction or position. Card 33 indicates love and affection.

Three examples of the 5 cards.

A fair man is feeling sick due to a burden upon him. A change approaches. He will get better because of receiving some affection.

The seeker of the cards is experiencing a challenge. She could be worried about a fair man who is ill. Some changes are shown in his condition due to some positive love energy.

There is the burden of an illness befalling a fair man. Due to some affection he receives his condition changes. 

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    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I do have the instruction sheet, however, it is copyright. Did you have any particular questions about the instructions which were not covered in the post. Seaqueen.

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