Prophecy game by Roy Worley. 1992.

I’ve been rummaging through different fortune-telling boxed sets I have in a very large rattan bin. The Prophecy game by Roy Worley caught my eye. Check out his website for a free one card reading. —->PROPHECY

I thought I’d pull it out the Prophecy game and do a fun reading. I’ve played this game before and found it quite accurate. Roy combines some Tarot cards, Astrology houses (on game board) and Numerology (numbers 1-9). There is a large well-defined board with 21 named positions (see one of the images below). The 75 page accompanying booklet gives you meanings for each of the 21 cards in the 21 positions.  In the back of the book is a nice description of the Tarot cards and numbers used in this game. Prophecy game 1992 Roy WorleyI like the personal record pad of paper for future/feedback reference. Just date it and jot down the cards in the positions.

The first 9 positions are major categories in life. Then you have the 12 Astrological houses/signs.  I will read random cards from the complete board to give you an idea how this system can be used. 

Prophecy game board

Prophecy game board

Let’s start with the first card (topmost card) FOCUS. Here we find the Wheel of Fortune card. Good ol’ fate is taking the driver’s seat right now with (entertaining) predictions of changes approaching. Best to view these changes as positive. The CHALLENGES position (top left side, 2nd card from Focus) holds the Death card. It will be interesting to see the meaning on page 16. I suppose the Death card has to show up somewhere in the 21 positions. This Tarot card means experiencing a challenge because of the death of someone I know or death of a situation. I think I’ll read the SURPRISE position next.  In this spot we have the #3 card. This means I’ll be treated to a party or some social event.  It’s suppose to be a joyous and happy occasion. (Well, I certainly hope this party is not a wake or visitation.) The DESTINY position has the #2 card. Wonder what that means? Ok, I guess I will need to be a listener…hearing my own voice. Looks like I will be listening to all kinds of things.  Many of you know this is the nature of the work we do – we listen to other people’s issues. The Fool card is situated in the LOVE position, ha-ha. Falling in love on a trip or taking a trip to get away from everyone. This card recommends being care-free and playful.

If you have Astrology (Tarot & Numerology) background you can arrive at many more predictions. The board is great to use with a full 78 Tarot deck. You would have some success with the Lenormand as well as other Sibilla style systems….and many other decks.

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