Grand Tableau – counting 7’s

When I first learned the Grand Tableau or full board layout ages ago I started with the counting 7’s technique. This method is quite common in Eastern Europe where I was born. This technique was used on the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten cards and many others decks in the “Sibilla style” family.

This is a quick way to zoom into the main happenings around the Significators. Also, a main theme card can be selected if the person where to ask about love, work, travel, etc.

In today’s example, I chose the ever popular Heart card to represent the relationship between these two people (Gentleman/Lady). In the image below I have drawn rectangles around the starting cards and every 7th one in the corresponding different colour. There is a large X on the Lady, Gentleman and Heart cards including a black rectangle as these are the beginning cards.

When you count it would be to the right of these cards. There are a few variations in counting style but as long as you end on with the card you started you are doing it correctly.

  • Heart- Clover- Stars- Stork- Fox- Child– back to Heart.
  • Let’s look at the Heart card (green colour).
  • Next, the Lady card (red colour). I do want to mention that some cartomancers read the past as being behind the Lady’s back and the future is the direction she is looking at. You may not do it this way. I used the right direction to continue the count.
  • Lady- Mouse- Whip- Lily- Coffin- Anchor- and back to Lady
  • For the Gentleman (yellow colour).
  • He happens to be facing to the right which is the direction I am counting.
  • Gentleman- Tower- Birds/Owls- Bouquet- Path- Mountain– and back to Gentleman.
Counting 7's. Magisches Lenormand.

Counting 7’s. Magisches Lenormand.

This GT is not a make believe layout for the purpose of study. It is for a real person. He is a married, middle aged man (no children) contemplating a job change. Lately, he has been neglecting his marriage in the pursuit of just having fun with his buddies. The reason I chose the Heart card was because I felt it was important to study the circumstances of his marriage given in recent attitude. The Ring card would be more in keeping with marriage but it’s the feeling we are looking at between these two people. Also, any significant job change would need the support of an understanding partner or that could cause additional pressure on the marriage.

What are the circumstances around his marriage?

  • Heart- Clover– Stars- Stork- Fox- Child– back to Heart.

The feelings/love department is supported by the Clover card. Currently, there is a mutual fondness but it comes and goes. Couples aren’t always into each other because there are other areas of life which need tending or attention. There are changes ahead (Stork) which is being picked up intuitively (Stars) by one or both of these people. The changes could head into the wrong direction (Fox). Adjustments will be made at a faster pace possibly paving the way to a new direction (Child) which could be a little more light-hearted. 

If you see any typos in the post blame it on Merc Retro 🙂

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