DAILY DRAW: 2 of Wands. Mars in Aries

Today’s daily draw was the Robin Wood Tarot 2 of Wands. I decided to compare the 2 de Bastos of the Tarot Cabalistico along with the Mars in Aries IMPULSIVENESS card from the Oracle of the Radiant Sun system.

The main reason for this comparison is the Astrological association of Mars in Aries which is shown on card 35 from the Tarot Cabalistico (see image below).

I have always viewed the Wands suit from the Fire element which is pretty common Tarot practice. Some of you may not use this association.

Oracle of the Radiant Sun. Tarot Cabalistico. Robin Wood Tarot.

Oracle of the Radiant Sun. Tarot Cabalistico. Robin Wood Tarot.

For those of you who have Mars in Aries in your birth chart, as I do, have experienced this energy in various departments of your life. What I mean by this is we do not all have Mars in Aries in the exact same house and the aspects (plus quite a few other techniques) of the planets play a great role in the final summaries.

Mars is in its own sign of Aries. It is at home in its fiery element. Mars is action energy. It is a great energy to get things started, however, being it is impulsive the energy may not be long-lasting. In other words, projects begin but do they get done with the same zest. Depending where your Mars in Aries is located in your natal chart and of course, other contributing factors your experience will differ from mine.

2 of Wands: 

The 2 of any suit usually represents some sort of balance. It is about give and take. There is a boldness within the card as in Mars in Aries. One of Crowley’s Thoth deck meanings for the two of Wands is DOMINION.

What does Dominion mean? As some of you know the energy of each suit is born in the Aces. The Ace of Wands is the root of the fire energy. In the 2 card, the direction takes shape for that fire energy. Here the will is expressed.  It can be reckless as Mars in Aries. The fire energy of the 2 of Wands has not been cultivated much.

In the Robin Wood image, the individual holds the globe in the right hand while holding one of the staffs with the left hand. A decision was made. 

When you select this card as a daily draw you may share an idea with someone. You might accept additional information on a project. You may decide on a project and drop everything else to pursue it. You need to start somewhere.

Don’t sit on the fence with the fire energy – channel it into something that is important to you. Ask yourself, though, will you complete what you started.

For some great information –> CHOKMAH energy – Tree of Life

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