Oracle of the Radiant Sun – astrology cards

I’ve written about the Oracle of the Radiant Sun card/astrology system before. If you have some Astrological background you would probably find this system right up your alley.

When the 84 cards are shuffled and placed in each of the Houses you will gain information on a question or situation. This is called Horary Astrology. It’s the same as setting up a chart for a question. At the moment of the question, the planets are in certain degrees of certain signs in the Universe. It’s like taking a snapshot of the Universe but instead you a picking the planets in signs from the deck of cards. Pretty cool, eh.

In the image below is a reading for a 40 year old female, Jane, who is a Pisces. I am going to read the cards as a monthly forecast beginning with the TOP card representing January 2015 and continuing with February (card on left side) ending with June just to give you an example on how to read this deck in the monthly forecast Astrology layout. 

oracle of radiant sun Astrology Wheel

  • CENTER THEME CARD: AUTHORITY. Mars in Capricorn. Hindrance or Blessing
  • Jane will need to get better control of her life over the next 12 months. As we study the months we will see which departments of life have little or too much control. She could deal with others trying to control her and those areas depicted in the monthly analysis.

JANUARY: GENEROSITY. Saturn in Leo. Jane has helped many people this month so far. She has been involved with children a lot. She also devoted a lot of time to many creative projects.

FEBRUARY: HARMONY.  Sun in Libra. The next month could be quite busy with gatherings of people. There are reunions suggested by this card. Also, it looks like Jane will be involved with a major decision.

MARCH: LOSS. Saturn in Pisces. This will not be a good month for Jane. She will be worried about someone’s situation and there may be connections to hospitals.

APRIL: PATIENCE: Jupiter in Virgo. This a month of giving and helping those around Jane. She may provide some family related dutiful services and maintain her patience throughout it all.

MAY: RESOURCEFULNESS. Sun in Cancer. Jane will be devoting a lot of time around her home this month. She will probably host a part or plan a reunion.

JUNE: CONVENTION. Venus in Capricorn. Jane will be dealing with individuals either much older or younger than herself. There could be a romantic interest around her this month. Jane is currently in a committed relationship. 😉

OK, one more month, 🙂  JULY: ORIGINALITY. Mercury in Aquarius. Jane is going to receive a shocking (unexpected) announcement causing a drastic change within her family. This could tie into the last month.

If you want to break down each month into weeks select the top 4 cards from the pile which you have set aside. These 4 cards will tell you week by week what some of the influences are leading to the main card for the month. If you do this for all the months you will have one huge layout with an additional 48 cards. My guess is the reading will take a couple of hours to complete with 48 + 13 = 61 cards. I would only expand on months will had a challenging primary card. In Jane’s case, I would request the pull of 4 more cards for March.

blame mercury retro for any errors 

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