Reading the Significators in the GT

The Grand Tableau 9×4 layout is one popular method for reading the Lenormand cards. By adding the Houses to the reading you can gain additional information. I receive many questions on how to read the Houses or the GT by using the Significators are a starting point.

I tend to use only a few techniques because there is a vast amount of information within the cards/combinations. You can do a blended reading a little of this and a little of that. What I mean by that is begin reading from the Signifcator which represents you or your client. Locate the other Significator to see where it is situated in relation to the person. This can tell you if the problems are personal or if they involve extenuating situations. Look at the House that is involved. Look at the cards above and beneath the Significators or just to the left. You can even link cards to houses…and so on.

The image below features the Lenormand Wahrsage Karten by Urania as the House with the mini Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver as the GT after the cards were shuffled.

As I have written in other posts there are many ways to read the GT. Today’s reading is around a couple who been fighting a lot about relocating. He wants to she doesn’t. The layout if for the male M (Gentleman) and the special female who he is in a committed relationship with is female L (Lady). 

9 x 4 GT Lenormand cards

I am going to focus more on the Significators in today’s example. LADY + lady house is the red rectangle around cards and GENTLEMAN + gentleman house is the blue colour.
9 x 4 GT the Significators
Since the reading for the male we will begin with Gentleman card. It is situated in the FOX house. Don’t you just love seeing this? All kinds of things can go through your mind about mistrust, etc.

In the Gentleman House we find the Ship card passing through it. M is planning to embark on a trip. Perhaps this is connected to the relocation property which could be at a distance. 

Next, we locate the Lady card. She is sitting in the Path House. She’s the one who is on the verge of making a decision. Interestingly, the Path card is above her. If you look at the bright green line it takes you to the Coffin card. This is ahead of her (right – soon). The Coffin card links the Gentleman card to it as well. This is ahead of him (bottom- very soon).

We have a pretty good idea about this relationship already. Something is definitely wrong and it most likely heading to an ending (the way it was).

The Heart card falls in the Lady House. Her emotions are all tied up right now. The Heart card is a good sign, though, as a stand-alone combination.

So far we have blended a little of this and a little of that in the GT arriving at a fairly decent overview of what’s going on.

Let’s study the Coffin card in the Mouse House as this is one major situation both people will experience soon. The Coffin card falls in the very next column to the Lady. Soon could be within a few weeks. For the Gentleman, the Coffin card is something approaching him within days as it lie beneath him.

What do you deduce from all that? Don’t forget he sits in the Fox house. He is already thinking of ending things with the Lady for some reason or other which can be determined by reading the other cards. He needed an attitude adjustment because the Fox card suggests he is viewing things from the wrong perspective. 

What are some of the meanings for Coffin card in the Mouse house?

The Mouse House is about reduction or down-sizing as well as other secondary meanings like “eating away”. When something eats away at you it reduces your happy state of mind. The Coffin card will end that. Usually when you stop fretting or worrying about something you nail the coffin shut. 

The Mouse House is also about situations filled with anxiety or tension. With the Coffin card passing through this house there could be an ending to this. 

Will this couple resolve their problems.

I think there is a chance for this couple to resolve their differences about a relocation but not that easily. He does loves where he is living (House card in Heart House). In the #4 House house (1st image) sits the Snake card. This could be a real estate person since the Fish card is in the Snake house suggesting a financial situation to come. The Lady has powerful influence (Bear beneath her) but her emotions (Moon house) are not clear right now (Clouds card in Moon house).

I have provided just a brief a example of blending two techniques. The GT is filed with many stories and the cards in the Houses can still be linked to another layer of interpretation.

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