When questions?

When questions involve timing. When will this or that happen? Often the deck you are using has cards which represents seasons, numbers/days, months, years or within actual astrological sign time frames, ie Aries, Taurus, etc.


Soon or shortly is not a very defined answer it’s vague. I think individuals want to know the approximate months or within how many weeks. As we all know, precise timing isn’t always as clear-cut an answer.

In the Tarot, each Ace represents the beginning of a season. In one system, you would locate the Ace that is if it showed up by focusing on positions 5-10 (Celtic cross). Each of these positions would be blended into the time frame of the Ace. If the Ace fell in the others spot another person would probably call the shots. If the Ace was the last card it would be within the 13 weeks of that season.

That’s one way.

If you are doing the GT and using the Lenormand, generally future is to the right of the Significator card. That doesn’t always give you precise timing, though, unless there is a specific card in the future column/row that represents timing, ie Clover a few days. You can get close.

There are many other ways.

Asking the cards when something will occur followed by a layout of cards will not always give you what you want to know. The only way to narrow it down is to go day by day or week by week depending on the question. If you do it this way, you will have to really understand the cards you are using. You base your answer on the nature of the card falling in the day or week of that particular technique.

Note: I am only giving a very few examples to demonstrate timing questions.

What if you get 2 or 3 promising cards?

Let’s suppose you did a one week layout as in 7 days of the week beginning tomorrow (Mon Jan 19). I ask when will my package arrive? What I mean by this is what day.

When? Regular Playing Cards

jane lyle's fortune teller deck
19-20-21-22-23-weekend 24 25

♥♦♥      ♣♠

In most parts of Canada we do not have postal service on the weekend. This is the reason I separated the last two suit glyphs.

Looking at the suits, Mon, Wed and Fri are the most favourable for the delivery of the package.  A multi-choice. If we look further at the cards we can narrow it down.

  • Mon (J♥ ) -could very well be the post man.
  • Wed (4♥) -favourable as it is an even number.
  • Friday is an odd number 5♥ which tends to present blocks or obstacles (heart in center).

The package could come on Fri but I may have to sign for it and might not be home. This would create the block because I would have to go across town and pick it up personally. The meanings of the cards are not important mainly because of the umpteen systems.

Ok, let’s try the a month layout as in 4 weeks beginning Jan 19 tomorrow. I ask a different question. When should I book the Psychic party I was requested to do? What I mean by this is which week.

When? Pages of Shustah deck



Colours play a role in this system plus the meanings, of course. There are no red or black cards. The black cards are the astrological signs and the red cards represent delays and challenges.

  • Jan 19th week- Blue card contains stagnant energy despite the fact the meaning of the Stars is quite favourable for a yes outcome.
  • Jan 26th week- Yellow card contains spiritual awareness and gain. This week looks good. The Little Fool card is about a pleasurable experience.
  • Feb 2nd week- Anther yellow card. The coins suggest increase in money and emotional gain. This looks like a much better week.
  • Feb 9th week- The green colour signifies progress and development which in itself is positive. It’s about moving towards a goal. The Magical horse depicts conflict in timing. It is generally a very positive card but the message is to slow down the race horse. It is eager to race but it could be running in the wrong race. This week would not be a good choice.

So, it is narrowed down to the Feb 2nd week which holds good energy and the outstanding meaning of the card is in line with the question asked.

You can experiment with any deck you are using. 

When? Lenormand cards 6 month forecast.

Let’s suppose the when question involves upcoming months. I ask when should I book to participate in a psychic fair with a particular organization? What I mean by this is which month is best. These events occur on a monthly basis throughout the year in various cities across Canada.

The beginning month for this question would be February continuing through July.



  • Feb Coffin- doesn’t look like this is going to be a favourable month to book the psychic fair
  • March Rider- there is some activity in this month which points to going somewhere based on some news which arrived.
  • April Fox- definitely the wrong month. There could be errors in scheduling.
  • May Clouds- looks like there will be confusion in this month.
  • June Whip- this month could be challenging. There could be a heated discussion involving this option.
  • July Mountain- this month presents obstacles as well. It could very well mean there is a great distance to travel.

Judging the cards in the monthly spots March is the most favourable with the possibility of July.

Sometimes, a simple approach to when questions will give you more information than some extravagant technique.

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