How to read the Pages of Shustah Mystical cross

There’s a very interesting layout in the Pages of Shustah handbook called the North-Shustah layout. I won’t get into the details of doing this entire reading in this post but if you are interested let me know in the comments section. I do want to write on how to read the Occult/Mystical Cross. These are the six cards in the middle of the Astrology layout. It is a good idea to tuck the cards according to the instructions to protect the energy of the message. It also adds a little mystery to the whole process. Will it make a real difference? Ha-ha, power of intention.

After you have turned your cross over left to right which basically flips the card positions except for Cards 3 & 4 you should see something similar to the image below. The deck I am using today is cropped, cornered and bordered in permanent marker corresponding to the colours of the suits. It gives the cards a more zoomed in appearance.

I have identified the position numbers and meanings plus card names for your easier reference. 

Occult Cross of the North-Shustah reading

Occult Cross of the North-Shustah reading

1. LEGAL PAPERS. Finding this green card in the spot of challenges or problems suggest there could be a legal issue. It also means business situations. Written correspondences. I suppose emails would come under that and so would writing a book. Here we can see that the client is thinking about a situation which involves some sort of documentation or paperwork.

2. OPEN DOOR. If the legal papers or a business situation are definitely a problem the Open Door is a welcome. It does have some limitations, though, but it is open and that’s all that matters. This card promises changes, developments and a release from some oppressive situation.

3. SWAMP. Someone around the client is trying to pull her down. The energy of this card isn’t all that bad even though the meaning is not a desired experience. Actually, they go hand in hand. The quiet, still waters of a swamp neither move this way nor that way. It is never known though what will jump out of that swamp.


Will the Swamp card help or hinder the client? I doubt if it will help. The client needs to be very careful how they handle the problem (challenge) at hand. One wrong move and they could lose their footing. This is an overwhelming situation created by other people.

4. AQUARIUS. What has the client conquered? She has gotten firm control of her emotions and is able to remain detached. She is also no stranger to unexpected changes and could herself be a bit of a rebel.

5. On the image the Past is shown as #6 but it is really #5. These two positions change spots when the flipping is done left to right.  OUROBOROS. The card of Marriage or some partnership. In the past, the client was probably the only one who put any effort into this situation. By the looks of it she didn’t get much support and the Swamp card confirms this.

So what exactly is the problem? Ouroboros & Legal Papers strongly suggest a business contract and that has nothing to do with her question. I want to read this combo as matrimonial papers, ie: separation/divorce.

6. The last card is number 5 in the image and it is read as the Outcome which is CAPRICORN. This black card is driven to succeed. There will be a practical result to this situation. Capricorn is an earth sign and it is also ruled by Saturn. They are hard workers and often place career before family.

More than likely there will be a man born under Capricorn’s rulership who will play a significant role in the client’s life. She will have dealings of a legal nature with little help from those close to her. She has toughened up to the point where she doesn’t care anymore. Her personal happiness is not as important as being successful on her own two feet.

2 thoughts on “How to read the Pages of Shustah Mystical cross

  1. Hello Seaqueen

    Can you tell me please something about Back 11 Aquarius card?! In my spread about job issues, if I found one in this year, is in 2nd position – solution spot.
    Maybe it`s time to change something? Maybe I have to invest my searching in other direction, in news idea? Or because Aquarius is 11 house, maybe I will get help by a friend of mine?
    Or maybe a person born in Aquarius will help me to find a job? Or in Aquarius period (jan – febr)
    What is your intuition say? There are soooo many possibilities.

    Thank you very much for your posts. I love shustah cards but I did not understand very well yet. I hope you will write aboute this cards in the future.


    • Hello Cristina. The Aquarius card can predict unexpected changes. It can also indicate a person as you have already stated. It can rule all occupations ruled by Aquarius such as technology, communication, research, etc. Without knowing all the cards which fell into the Mystical cross (the post you commented on) I can only give you common suggestions for Black 11. Seaqueen

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