Exciting announcement – Guest bloggers


I have decided to invite some special individuals as Guest Bloggers. The people chosen to write future posts will be trained in a variety of disciplines. I think the articles will benefit many of you as these guest writers will be experts in their chosen field of interest.

I hope you enjoy this addition to the blog. I know I am excited. I would like to see articles about vintage fortune-telling systems from all around the world. 

Look under the heading for the Page called introducing Guest Bloggers. Here you will find the list of future writers. The list will not be overly lengthy as I will hand select individuals who will bring you topics of a wider scope. When you click on the person’s name you will be taken to a page which details their background, experience and training.

It pleases me greatly that Dennis Ng has accepted my invitation. I expect the featured article, “How to use Feng Shui and the 8 Mansions to chart a more successful Year of the Sheep” will be ready in time for the Chinese New Year Feb 19, 2015. Dennis is currently at the Psychic Fair this weekend at the Potts Banquet Hall in Buffalo, New York.

Stay tuned 

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