Do the Shustah cards speak the language you understand?

Most cartomancy systems contain a language unique unto themselves. The process of reading the cards is the same. It is partly based on the card meanings and in many cases colours are factored as well as images. There are also various layouts used which could have predetermined positions and time frames for the reading.

Today’s post is for those of you who are using the Shustah system. In the image below you will see core meanings written on the cards. I have several decks. One is my teaching deck, one is my working deck and several are part of my collection.



The three card layout is taken from Manser’s accompanying book. Each position is defined by a meaning.

  • Card #1 is the Premise. The first card will provide the energy at play at the time of the shuffle and is directly linked to your question.
  • Card #2 is the problem or solution. This second card can reveal an issue which needs to be overcome or it can offer helpful guidance (prediction).
  • Card #3 represents the Result. The third card will answer your question.

It is important that you understand Card #1 and what it is telling you because your question could be rooted in a situation that does not always have a positive energy. Most of the time Card #3 will be the outcome but if Card #1’s situation is a “dead-end”any positive card in the last position does not necessarily give you a totally positive answer.

The reading explanation (break down analysis of process) below is a follow up to an actual reading. The question which was asked is about a female wanting to know if her date will get the night off work. He was scheduled to work a twelve-hour shift 7pm – 7am. The reason for this question is because she received an invitation to a house party and was reluctant to go by herself.

Card #1 The Premise: BLUE SWAMP

The question is rooted on shaky ground. Well, actually it’s not the ground but stagnant water which is not crystal clear. This tells us it could be tricky for her date to get the night off work. 

It also indicates the female is cautious about her next step in regards to attending this party unescorted.

Card #2 The Problem or Solution: GREEN ROAD RETURN

There is a solution but it could also be a problem and I’ll explain why. The date was granted permission to take the night off work. He did hesitate in deciding because a loss of twelve hours pay is a lot of money. 

This card does speak about indecision. It also tell you to look at the totality of an entire situation (weekly pay minus twelve hours pay).  It can literally mean going somewhere and returning. 

Card #3 The Result: RED LITTLE FOXES 

Here we have a red coloured card indicating some obstacles and quite possibly a disappointing result.

The Little Foxes lacks clarity. It is a card of interference. One of the positive meanings for this card is a smart plan. This card suggests to look at the reality of this question and also to consider the motivation.

Is this a yes or no answer? Will her date take the night off work?  It looks like he will not but that is not what really happened.

In the real life situation which has already materialized her date took off several hours off work. He did not go in for the 7pm shift. He did escort her to the party but left at midnight to go back to work (road return) to complete his shift until 7am.

 This is a perfect example of understanding the language of the Shustah cards.

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