Tarot cards shed light on common doubts about relationships

Welcoming the New Year 2015

You are experiencing a gut feeling about someone you care about but don’t fully understand why you are even thinking what you are thinking. Normally, you are quite an optimistic person. You trust your partner and have no reason to even think anything is wrong. Lately, you have a knawing feeling something is going on and feel confused about the whole thing.

You decide to ask the Tarot cards a very simple question about the future of your relationship.

You lay out the cards in the traditional Celtic Cross but keep the cards face down until all ten are laid out. You turn over the first card and it is the Queen of Wands. Who is this person? Normally, you are represented by the Queen but for some reason you do not connect with her today. You connect with the Queen of Swords more. This happens, speaking from a female’s perspective I do think all females are all Queens at different times when experiencing a variety of situations.  You notice the King of Cups is the #2 crossing energy. These two court cards are pretty close. He has feelings for the Queen of Wands (cups in hand). This King’s energy may not be so strong when dealing with the Tower card which is in #6 spot. 

Celtic Cross. Tarot. Jan 3:15

And so our story continues. (a story many of you have experienced at one time or another no matter if you are male or female)

You look at the Lovers card in the  #3 Root/Foundational position and immediately notice the Devil card in the #7 You/Your Attitude position. Take a look at these two cards. Before all your doubts set in you saw your relationship from the view of the angel and now you are sitting on the Devil’s shoulder and seeing a distorted relationship. So, maybe the Queen of Wands is your card after all? The entrapment you feel will soon be cleared up by the Tower’s lessons.

In position #4 you see the 6 of Pentacles as a passing experience. You feel like you are only getting enough out of the relationship to nurture you basic needs. This will change soon.

What lies ahead of you is two possible future roads and then again maybe not. The Crowning card is often read as the probable future. Here lies an option on how to get to the Outcome card if the last card is the result you want. You need to study the 8 of Pentacles to understand the guidance it is giving you on how to perhaps avert the 2 of Swords energy. Then study the Tower card which no doubt is understood quite well. I tend to see this card as the distant future and card #6 as the pending or very near future.

You need to brace yourself for the Tower’s energy. This card will force you to look at the reality of what’s going on with your relationship. You will learn some hard truths. This doesn’t have to be bad. Maybe, your doubts will be put to rest by clearing the air with the person you are involved with. On the other hand, you may go through a roller coaster ride because you have learned things which will alter the nature of your relationship. 

The advice of the 8 of Pentacles is that there is work ahead. (work on what you value -the relationship). The person (Page of Swords – #8 other person’s spot) you are dealing with will be very defensive with a chip on his shoulder. The clouds in the background suggest something’s up. Is this person hiding something?

In the Hopes/Fears #9 position you see the Justice Card. You have four Major Arcana cards in your layout suggesting there’s more going on that is out of your control than in your control. There are external factors, life lessons and grades of experience. You hope all will be right and fair. You fear something is wrong.

The final outcome card 2 of Swords is neither here or there. It’s a stalemate. Not much will be resolved even after you have gone through the Tower experience. It’ll be a tough outcome most likely indicated a decision needs to be made one way or another. Will you do anything about it?

As a rule, the Celtic Cross is a six months forecast. Take another look at the crossing card King of Cups. Assistance will come from a nice man. Over the next 6 months you will deal with this man so if it is the person you are in a relationship with he will still be around to some degree.

The path for your relationship is not smooth. There will be a significant shift or change which will put you in a position with no easy answer. There’s probably a lot of Karma going on as well given the number of Majors.

Yes, you were picking up on something. Maybe you are sensitive to upcoming energies which have already entered your aura to some degree. The most important thing if you get anything out of this Reading is not to wear blinders. Accept the truth which the Tower will bring you.

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