4 card Elements layout about a relationship

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4 card Elements Layout
I have blogged about this layout often using various decks of cards. Today, I am using the Tarot cards for a relationship question. Click on the image and you will be taken to the archives. 
Background: a young couple is experiencing a cooling period in their relationship. The last few months they have not been on the same page. They have decided to separate. In other words, the commitment to the relationship is off. This is a common situation which creates much stress to one or both individuals when it is clear they have feelings for each other. 

Debbie wants to know if they will back together as a committed couple. The cards will be reveal four different levels of Debbie’s experience.

CARD #1 –  Current thoughts.  The card that falls in this spot will reveal to you where the energy of your thoughts is. What’s on your mind about this situation which enticed you to seek the guidance of the cards.

Page der Münzen (Pentacles) – Debbie’s thoughts are about all the things she valued in the relationship. She is looking at what she had (pentacle in hands). 

CARD #2 – Your feelings.  The second card will expose the emotions going on.  The feelings can range as situations can bring out different degrees of feelings.

10 of Cups – She does want to be happy again with Peter. She loves the idea of being in a relationship and living happily ever after. However, her feelings have gone as far as they could they way things were within the relationship.

elements layout with Tarot cards

CARD #3 – Plan of action.  This card will provide suggestive energy (an option). This is what you should do. There is action required to the solution. If you see a card of inaction and you do not change anything then do not be surprised if the result in card #4 is negative and you don’t get the answer you want. Of course there are times when no action is the best course but you will have to intuitively determine that yourself.

6 of Swords – Debbie needs to stop thinking (swords) about this relationship by doing other things in her life with other people. She should go somewhere where the atmosphere is more settled because the relationship is moving to a better place already via their separation. 

CARD #4 – What can happen.  The last card is the result, outcome or probable solution.  Here you will find what happens when you apply action coupled with your emotions plus what’s on your mind. You have a choice in most areas of your life.  This card will show you the by-product of your efforts.

3 of Cups – Here we have a happy outcome. There is a celebration or party. Also, there is the strong probability that Debbie and Peter will be a couple again. Their love wins in the end.

There is more depth to this Reading but I think you can get the general gist of how to read the cards in the positions. Questions welcome.

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