Remembering what number is assigned to the Sun card

How to remember which number is associated with the Sun card. Many of you who are learning the Lenormand system probably have not memorized the corresponding numbers associated with the cards.

Earlier this year I did a post on how to remember the Letter/Book cards and Garden/Path cards. I have had a few question about the Lily and Sun cards. A really simple way. Here is the —–LINK to the post. 

Tip: The Sun card is #31. The best way to remember this is add 3+1 which totals 4. The number 4 is an even number which resonates with the Sun card’s meaning. If you remember anything about #4 just remember it is a stabilizing energy. 

The Sun card is all about optimistic attitude, uplifting energy, cheery personality, warm feelings and fulfillment. It is a power card which brings encouraging energy to the adjoining cards of adversity. It is a card of vitality and strength. The #4 is strength as well within stable energy. Note: there is no direct link (traditional) with the number to the card meaning. My view is offered as a helpful tip.  

The Sun #30

The Sun

One thought on “Remembering what number is assigned to the Sun card

  1. Good idea!!! I play with rhymes – “thirty-one is the sun”. Anyhow Madame Seaqueen– More-so, I wish to Thank YOU for your wonderful blog-site. It’s beautiful, amazing, interesting and resourceful. Your works are appreciated!!!

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