Bouquet in Cross house versus Bouquet+Cross or Cross+Bouquet

The Bouquet card passing through (falling in) the Cross House versus the Bouquet card combined with the Cross card OR the Cross card in combination with the Bouquet card has differences.

First you determine the meaning for the Cross House which is the same as the Cross card with the exception of narrowing down the meaning to one theme. You don’t have to do this but it will make it much easier when studying the card which falls into it.

Usually the meaning is pain and suffering which include burdens. There is also a Karmic connection (a test) which can be viewed as “fate”. The symbol of the cross will mean different things to different cultures insofar as a religious belief system. There are some detailed meanings for the Cross card at Helen’s Lenormand dictionary—>HERE. Helen has also offered meanings for all 36 cards at the link I have provided – a great resource for those of you who are learning the Lenormand system.

You can keep all the meanings in mind when you study the card falling into it but don’t spend too much time on this process.

Let’s suppose we will use the Cross House meaning of pain and suffering.

Lenormand Bouquet card in Cross house
The next step involves a summary but first what does the Bouquet card mean to you. Once you have established that then you can read the card in the house. 

The Bouquet card is a pleasing energy. It’s about gifts, invitations, fondness and of course, the Queen of Spades refined personality. What I mean by refined is skillful. She definitely is experienced.

Whatever the situation is the nature of the Cross House does not change. It’s still about pain and suffering. With the Bouquet’s influence passing through the situation is not as bad as it could be. There is a pleasant interlude or pause in one’s suffering. The burden is lightened but it is still a burden. The Queen of Spades could actually be someone you know that is experiencing a rough time.

Lenormand Bouquet cardLenormand Cross card

Bouquet + Cross – this duo is taken out of the context of the layout to illustrate possible combined meanings. When you look at these two cards the Queen of Spades could be heading into a fateful situation.  This duo can mean a religious invitation or event. Some of the pleasant energy of the Bouquet card will be minimized with the Cross card’s influence.  You can probably think of some other meanings.

Lenormand Cross card Lenormand Bouquet card
Cross + Bouquet – the Queen of Spades is a Karmic connection. The pain and suffering from situation which is probably revealed by the card preceding the Cross card can let out a sigh of relief. It’s a blessing in disguise.

The Cross card is pretty strong but it’s meaning can be modified depending on the situation. When reading the Cross House the core meaning remains the same. 

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