8×4 + 4 GT – card in house to card in house and so on

I waited a few days before I posted this reading so that I could cross-examine the cards. The first few cards in houses should have materialized.

The image shows the 8×4+4 GT house layout. I’ll spare you all the connecting lines as all the cards did link and the image would be a mess. I will, however, draw lines for two sets of 4 or 5 cards in houses today’s post. This means image one begins with the Gentleman (consultant). Image two will continue from the next card in house but the first cards in houses read will be blacked out as if they are turned over. This is something you should do when reading the houses – turn over the card which has been already read with exception of the Significator or theme card if you chose one. Also, when the linking ceases with a card leave that upright. 8x4+4 GT Lenormand HOUSES 4 I will keep the explanations very simple so it’s easier to follow. Beginning with the male consultant GENTLEMAN in CLOUDS house. At the time of shuffle the man was experiencing a state of confusion.

Why? CLOUDS in DOG house. His confusion is about his loyalty. (He could also have some confusion around a close friend.)

In what way? DOG in LILY house. His loyalty to a mature member of the family. Harmonious conditions are being highlighted for some reason.

What’s the reason? LILY in HOUSE house. (I always get a chuckle saying house house) The mature member of the family is a close family member.

What about this person? HOUSE in LETTER house. There has been some recent news or information.

What’s the news? LETTER in CHILD house. The news could be a bit premature. It is a new situation which has just begun. We rule out that it is about a child because we already determined it is about an older family member.

You should have come up with a similar summary of these cards in houses. Of course, the chances of an identical match is unlikely, lol. Remember to keep the House meaning uncomplicated. 

At this point, I would ask the consultant if he can connect to what I’m saying. The information determined thus far is recent or current. If he says not really. I would ask a few questions in such a way that a connection is made so that the meat and potatoes of the reading makes sense. This is an important step before you continue. You can lose your consultant early in the reading and then all kinds of doubts surface.  8x4+4 GT Lenormand HOUSES next 4

We ended with the #13 Child house.  In continuation….

What about the news? CHILD in WHIP house. The new situation which was revealed in the news is highly tense. There could also be some pain associated with it.

Why? WHIP in BOOK house. Everything is not known about this situation which is tormenting the consultant.

Will more be revealed about the situation? BOOK in FISH house. Yes, part of it involves a financial situation or money issue.

In what way? FISH in CLOVER house. There will probably be a very quick outlay of money in a short time.

As you go through the GT the linking technique should be kept simple. You can always go over what you already stated. If the consultant asks you questions look for the card representing the topic he/she is interested in. Which House is involved?

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