How to read the houses of the 6×6 GT layout

Today’s post features the Mystic Mauve Lenormand by Tarotlyn. Sometimes a client or friend has current situation on his/her mind. Often I’d do a GT but I don’t always read all the cards. I decided to use the 6×6 GT layout (which is not that common) to offer a short demonstration on how to read the Houses.

Background: A couple had a major disagreement regarding some plans for the holiday season. The card certainly did zoom into the situation. The yellow arrows in the image show the directions when linking cards in houses. It should be easy enough to follow as I will only detail six cards in the Houses.  This tells me there is definitely an isolated situation on the person’s mind.

Many times you can only link two cards. Other times you have three or four different sets of links which depict a number of situations which are not necessarily connected to each other. Either way all situations touch the person’s life in one way or another. If you click the image you should get a larger view but I think it should be ok the way it is.

Mystic Mauve Lenormand by Tarotlyn

Mystic Mauve Lenormand by Tarotlyn

Before I get started I do want to mention you would have to be quick on your feet to locate cards in houses & so on when doing a House GT at a public event. When I participated in a Psychic fair a few years ago I created a board with the House names (not just numbers) and used a mini Lenormand deck. BTW the Mystic Mauve Lenormand is available in a mini size. It’s quite nice. There is a link to Tarotlyn’s website in the opening sentence of this post. We begin with the Lady card which represents the person getting the Reading.

Linking process: one way to do it

The Lady is situated in the Ring house.  She is thinking about her relationship and what exactly her commitments are to her significant other (Gentleman in Clouds house). Now, we locate the Ring card which is not too far way in the row. It is passing through the Letter House.  What this means is that there has been some correspondence between the couple which is testing their commitment to each other. They could be looking at brochures or reading information on-line regarding their plans.

Next, we find the Letter card. It has fallen in the Child House. Are there children involved? Are the plans premature? Is this couple being immature in the way they are discussing their plans?

Let’s locate the Child card now. It is passing through the Gentleman House. Did her partner makes plans without consulting her? Is he placing children over her wishes? Looks like he’s the problem, lol, perhaps not taking the Lady too seriously regarding their plans.

Now, we look to see where the Gentleman card falls. When both Significators are linked in a theme or topic (doesn’t always happen) the cards are pointing out this issue is important to the couple. He is passing through the Clouds House.

Note: when I say passing through it means the same thing as “situated” or “falling into”. Given my Astrological background I tend to see card readings as transits.

The Clouds House is filled with confusing energy and we all know that. It never ceases to amaze me just how accurate the House reading can be. This confirms the he is the one that is not clear on some aspects of these holiday plans. 

Let’s see which House the Clouds card is passing through. Not the best! The love/affection House is receiving a shower of doubts from the Clouds card. This shall pass and the Clouds card goes right back to the Gentleman. We have found the problem.  🙂 The Gentleman is the root of this disagreement for some reason or many reasons.

Ok, so we have established/confirmed some facts. This is not telling the Lady the outcome or results of this argument or solutions for their plans. The linking process has ceased.  There are a few things you can do if you wish to continue reading the Houses.

➡ Locate a theme card. Begin linking and see where it takes you.

➡ OR you can read the GT in rows/columns/diagonals which is fairly common. I tend not to mix too many techniques.  

➡ There is also the reading the corners technique, counting 7’s, near & far, and so on. You have many choices.

I would choose to continue the reading with the Whip card in House 4 followed by House card in Snake House followed by Snake card in Lily House (hmmm, interesting). Continuing with Lily card in Sun House and so on.  It’s all up to you how you wish to proceed. (hopefully I’ve linked them correctly so if you discover a blunder gimme a shout)      

4 thoughts on “How to read the houses of the 6×6 GT layout

  1. Very nice and succinct analysis. Thanks for sharing! I like to use the GT method, especially when someone comes to me with “I don’t have anything specific, just want to see what comes about.” I look to the woman or male and start going through the houses. Then from there they begin to formulate questions and I typically go into a different spread/technique. There is a reading cloth mass marketed with the house symbols and numbers. However, I have found it to be kind of too busy. I like the idea of creating a board or even taking a piece of white linen or cloth and making a clear and easy to understand board that doesn’t distract too much. Would love to see the board you use at your upcoming expo!

    • Thank you so much Aaron for all your comments and insights. Layout boards can be homemade with little cost. I will create another on for the expo. I prefer simple to busy as well. Depending on the size of area I will be working on I will custom design a board that will fit comfortably – might be 8×4 plus 4 versus 6×6. In fact, I may do a mini GT. I value your comments. All the best to you and your loved ones. Madame Seaqueen

  2. Thanks for posting this as a 6×6. I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to standard 8×4+4 (my preference) or 9×4 GTs and I don’t like to add Houses to my reading method. But I know that reading Houses works. Now I realise I can happily use Houses within a 6×6 without compromising my principles, LOL! Thanks again.

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