Inner & outer security- 9 of Pentacles

Today, I did a Tarot daily draw for a friend. We spoke around breakfast time so the whole day was ahead of her. She wasn’t really concerned about anything and just wanted to know what message the cards had.

The card selected was the 9 of Pentacles.  I really wish WordPress has Tarot glyphs like they do for the playing cards. Wouldn’t that be cool! 

9 of Pentacles

#9 – this number is associated with completions of the suit since #10 is the reap the rewards of that suit number. The rewards are not always generous if you remember the 10 of Swords image. More on the positive aspects of that card in another post. 

The female in the picture isn’t impressed with her surrounding background which reeks with abundance. She is more focused on the falcon sitting on her glove. Is the bird giving her a message? We know the falcon is a trained bird of prey but the lady is not intimidated by that at all.

I’m sure you know the common meanings of this card. 

As daily guidance the 9 of Pentacles can suggest a day which is free of financial worry. It can indicate part of day may involve doing your own thing. Also, there can be thoughts of doing something out of character. Since the lady in the card is wearing a glove she will not do anything crazy without protecting herself.

My friend is the type of lady who is in control of her environment and she definitely knows her own mind. It would be rare for her to be adventurous for the sake of a buzz. Me on the other hand is another story. 😉

I felt she might have a non eventful day even though she is an active grandmother of 6 kids. Maybe everyone will leave grandma alone today. I told her that she’ll go over her monthly budget. She will be satisfied that she is living within her means given at this time of year there are additional expenses for gift giving.

The 9 of Pentacles is a card of inner and outer security. Often our external environment reflects our inner house. 

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