A question for the Tarot-Karten von A.E. Waite

I really like the size of the 1993, 1997© Tarot-Karten von A.E.Waite by Konigsfurt Verlag. The cards measure 2″ x 3.5″ and are perfect for larger layouts or for small table top areas. The names on the cards are in German which is really cool as well. Given I have had a lengthy relationship with the Tarot this will not distract me at all because I know the cards quite well.   🙂  I will be bringing this deck with me to an upcoming Spiritual event mainly because of its size. 

I asked the Tarot for some personal advice. I was curious to know if the Lenormand cards will be well received at this Spiritual event. I already asked the Symbolon deck in a previous post. Often different systems will provide “other” information related to the same question. The Symbolon was not created to answer yes or no questions. Depending on the cards drawn, the Tarot can reveal positive or negative outcomes. 

2 of Cups, König der Stäbe, Der Herrscher

In a three card draw I read left to right. The far left card gives me a little background on the question. The middle card expands on the question by revealing people, situations or influences involved. The far right card gives the answer and if it is not a clear yes or no then the last cards offers advice.

The 2 of Cups speaks of an emotional exchange. I hold a cup which is filled with my love for cartomancy. The other character in the image is reaching for my cup and slowly offering his. This means there will be good energy talking about the Lenormand.

The King of Wands could very well be an owner of a business who will probably want to engage in conversation. This card could also represent my fiery disposition which comes out when I begin speaking on various aspects of cartomancy. This King is an Aries personality. The Emperor is ruled by Mars which is also the ruler of the King. Interesting, eh!  Lots of fire/passion.

The Major Arcana in the last position signifies a Universal principle depicted by the Emperor. This card represents me in a leadership/experienced role. It also represents the general public’s approach or attitude towards what I am saying. If the latter ends up manifesting that means I could receive some challenging questions which I most certainly will welcome. The other thing about the Emperor is that there might be an overall narrow view on cartomancy in general. 

The Advice of the Emperor is to speak from an authoritative position. It also suggests to remember to have a good time as the Emperor tends to be a little too serious.

As far as I’m concerned if you have some sort of background in the Tarot system and are able to read them to some degree of success – you can read any deck of cards. Mind you, the cartomancy languages vary system to system. 

So far, with all the readings I have done (some posts others private) on this topic I think I will just go with the flow and see where the flow takes me.   🙂

One thought on “A question for the Tarot-Karten von A.E. Waite

  1. 2 of Cups ( for me ) is giving and receiving on emotional level, the King of Pentacles a dynamic leadership, the man that fights for he wants, the Emperor it´s a yes, the Emperor is wise but not dynamic. People will respect you, maybe people do not interact with you, the way you expect. Like I did with Kipper and Lenormand cards, I used to read your posts, but I did not used to comment, but I always knew that you are an awesome reader. (Sorry for the bad english). Have a lovely day!

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