Lenormand Rider -on its way and so is Christmas

The Rider

The Rider

The core concept of the Rider card indicates that someone or some situation is on its way. This card can represent a lover. Often it is associated with sports related themes. 

The energy of the Rider is neutral. You don’t really know if what is on its way is positive or negative. Many times you don’t really know who is coming. The Rider works better with other cards to determine what exactly it means.  As a stand alone card or as a one card daily draw it could mean anything unless you were specifically thinking of a person or situation when you pulled the card.

Let’s talk about the on its way meaning. I sent a parcel to my son so that means the parcel is on its way. Even though the parcel is held up at a postal office due to the many shipments of parcels at this time of year it is still on its way.

Will my son receive the parcel? There is a 99.9% chance it will arrive. The time frame for delivery is an estimate. Sometimes, situations are shown to be on their way in a layout. The other cards will give you clues how soon the prediction will manifest.

The nature of whatever is on its way is also determined by cards close to the Rider. 

If the Rider was in the past area of the GT or layout you are using on the day of shuffle that means it is not on its way anymore – it has most likely arrived. There needs to be evidence in the present time frame that the person is still waiting. The result cards (present or future) will show you the nature of what has arrived. Was it a person? Was it a parcel? Was it information?

The cards beside (above or below) the Rider should reveal quite a bit about which meaning of the Rider is unfolding. Did the information get lost? Is the information associated with “bad” news? Did you get the job? Was your application approved? Will your lover show up? Does he / she have good intentions? 

Direction of the horse/horseman? Many times the direction can be considered. This can be confusing though if the horse faces to the left in the GT part which is read as the future (to the right of the Significator).  I don’t factor directions with this card as much as I do with the Book or Scythe, etc.

When reading the near and far technique the Rider close to the Significator or other person cards strongly suggest the time frame is soon. When the Rider is quite far away other situations may need to materialize before the Rider arrives. Often, whatever should be on its way never arrives in this scenario. 

Christmas is on its way. The nature of the holiday season cannot be determined until it has arrived. You could be depressed for one reason or another. You could celebrate with your family and have a wonderful time. You may not get the gift you desired. You might receive a surprise gift. Given all those questions Christmas is still on its way.

The Rider is on its way but its a little deeper than that. Could there be travel involved? What are the extenuating circumstances (other cards in layout)? I wouldn’t just jump on the meaning of on its way. I would investigate what the other cards are suggesting before determining a statement of the Rider card.

On that note, wishing you safe travels.

6 thoughts on “Lenormand Rider -on its way and so is Christmas

  1. Hi madame Seaqueen,
    Thanks for another nice post. Today I was doing a reading about what a man feels for a woman and this card came. It was only a three sequence cards, house – cross – rider. I get a feeling that he has great feelings for her as both the gouse and the rider are heart cards, but it also makes him suffer…I would love to hear your opinion,

  2. Hello Stanze: Thank you. Interesting combination with the house/cross/rider trio. I would assess the King of Hearts as a man who has great depth to the feelings. Followed by the Cross might suggest not only a form of suffering (as you mentioned) but could represent a karmic experience which is on its way (Rider). Often the Cross card is seen in a negative light but it can also be a person’s own hang-ups which more times than not are experienced via a Karmic connections until the lesson is learned. Of course, one needs to believe in that school of thought. House+Cross gives me the impression of an “old fashioned” type of man. You know the types that do not demonstrate affections openly. Madame Seaqueen

  3. Thank you for this informative post. I realize this is an old thread, but I am hoping you can shed light on a three card spread I’m having trouble with that involves the rider Lenormand card. A friend wanted to know whether there was the possibility of a relationship between herself and a man with whom she is acquainted. (They’ve been in a long correspondence with only occasional physical contact. I think he may be married, but do not know this for certain.) The cards were Rider + Fish + Lily. If it were just Rider + Lily, I might read the answer as yes (he is in fact an older gentleman). But rider + fish is throwing me off. Thoughts?

  4. Thank you for your comment and question:
    “To know whether there was the possibility of a relationship between herself and a man with whom she is acquainted.” Rider + Fish + Lily.
    The Fish card could be describing the man’s outward personality such as being financially minded. It can also suggest an opportunity is on its way in connection to this man. The Lily card is often used as the “other man” card it points to the possibility of an “affair” which is a form of a relationship. The Lily’s card contains slower energy so that means there may not be a fast development insofar as a long term relationship which may be the true intention of the question. The Rider card contains flirting energy….the Fish indicates something of value…the Lily card can point to passion. I will pose this question to the private FB Lenormand Cards Community group. If you would like to join please follow this link —> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1389508471303998/

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