Remembering the answer – the Symbolon deck

I’ve been thinking about an upcoming spiritual event which I plan to attend. I am bringing the Tarot, Lenormand/Gipsy and Pages of Shustah decks. Each of these four systems are quite different from each other. I already know that the Lenormand/Gipsy and Shustah decks will not be all that familiar to many of the people attending this event. That is precisely the reason I will speak about them. 

My question for the Symbolon is as follows:

What kind of interest will I get from the public when introducing the Lenormand cards. At this event, I will offer one question readings using a very short layout.

I can’t really ask about the four decks I am bringing under one question because it would not be a clear answer. One deck may attract interest and the others might not. So, I will ask this same question for each of the above decks I mentioned. I won’t do a post on all of them but will share my findings where the Lenormand is concerned.

matter and spirit 70


Quotes below from the LWB are for the purpose of today’s reading.

“PROBLEM: You are about to buy important insights (or sell them to someone else). That means the spiritual property which you carry around does not really belong to you. It has not yet begun the journey through the soul. What you possess is still a piece of merchandise you like to use as decoration for the ego.”

In reference to the interesting blurb in the LWB, the Lenormand doesn’t belong to me but then again it did not belong to Mlle Lenormand either (just her name). I certainly will spread the word on this deck like I have been for decades.



“WAY: The path involves learning to understand yourself in others. This means mutual exchange and offering your hand to the other in reconciliation (or understanding). It is vital to meet someone along the way who opens your eyes.”

That is one powerful message from the middle card. It looks like I may be bridging the cartomancy systems on that day. There is always something new to learn no matter how many readings you have done. The clients teach us so much. What I’m getting from this card is that there will be an interest. What I have to remember is that not everyone fully understands the cards the way I do. This means I will need to take a different approach with each individual who speaks to me. Some people will be versed in Tarot and I’m sure I will get some good questions about comparing (point out the differences) the Lenormand to the Tarot. 


“OUTCOME: You will continue to grow, to become more open-minded and tolerant. Mnemosyne, the Goddess of memory, has a treasure waiting for you at the end of the journey: insight is the wealth of the soul.”

Looks like the Lenormand cards will be well received. I had to laugh when I pulled this last card because I can get carried away talking about cartomancy. This card tells me that I will work through the Partner card in a good way by remaining open minded to people’s level of understanding. 

The Preacher card speaks of tradition as well, which is great as my foundation is rooted in tradition. At times, I venture out and explore different ways to read the Lenormand such as reversals but that is not such a big deal. Solutions will be found in my past. Four decades ago, I brought information out into the open (using the cards during readings) at a time when the European cartomancy systems were still in the “closet”.

I am quite please with this reading. My original question is, “What kind of interest will I get from the public when introducing the Lenormand cards.” My own faith in the Lenormand system will create multi-level interest from the general public at this Spiritual expo. 

3 thoughts on “Remembering the answer – the Symbolon deck

  1. I´m a Tarot-lover for many years, but when I start to read your bog, I become curious about Kipper Cards and Lenormand Cards, too! I learn a lot reading your blog and others, I start to do some little readings with Kipper and Lenormand cards, what a pleasant surprise, they are amazing accurate! Really diferent from Tarot cards! Thank you for your good work with these great cards!

    • It warms my heart to know that my words assist you in your learning process. Thank you kindly for reading the posts. Of course, you can email me privately if you have further “confidential” questions. Seaqueen

  2. Thank you so much for your kindness! I used to read your posts, now with Kipper, Sibillas and Lenormand cards, it´s like a new world opens to me! I´m so happy to learn, how to read with these new cards! Thank you again, keep the good work! Greetings from Portugal (Sud Europe) Have a lovely & blessed day!

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