What are you really asking the cards?

Will asking the cards a specific question give you a reading with a specific answer? 

Many times we ask questions about love and relationships. Often we want to ask does he or she really love me and we pose the question in a different way like, “what are his/her feelings for me?” It sounds the same doesn’t it but it really isn’t. A person can have feelings for you but that doesn’t mean they love you in the way you wish they would. We tend to associate feelings with good things. They are emotional reactions to situations, things or people. The person could be angry at you at the time of shuffle. Anger is a feeling. For the most part, feelings are positive or negative. (Indifference lacks feelings) 

If you think the cards aren’t answering your question they probably are. Maybe you thought you were very clear on your question … think again. What are you really asking the cards? Many people are not honest with themselves. You know, those little wee lies we tell ourselves when we don’t want to face the reality of a situation. Don’t mislead yourself into asking questions in a round-about way thinking you are being direct. You could always blame the cards, ha-ha.

If you ask the cards whether the person loves you that is a simple yes or no answer. Questions about love are generally positive, so, the yes or no answer is apparent. You do not need more than three cards for a yes or no answer. In fact, one card should give you a pretty good idea.

I receive many emails informing me that the cards didn’t make any sense when an inquiry was made. Like I’ve said many times before the cards will answer the question that you are “actually (really)” asking. Most likely it will be connected to the same topic or theme. I can’t prove this view I can only state this comment based on my experience reading cards including the critical feedback throughout the years. 

I ask the cards questions which many cartomancers would deem as negative. I still get a yes or no answer. Receiving a positive yes card to a negative question can be confusing. But a yes is a yes. On the other side of that a no is a no.  If that is what I “really” want to know why would I reword the question. The odd time I might pose the question differently but I feel the cards will answer what I really want to know.

Being precise when asking questions is a good thing.

Being sincere is better. 





2 thoughts on “What are you really asking the cards?

  1. Nicely written! Also keeping in mind the question you asked during your interpretation. All to many times I have gone down a rabbit hole because the cards didn’t say what I wanted, so i adjusted the question to the cards drawn to get what I wanted. Took some training to break that bad habit of mine!

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