Example of reading Lenormand Houses 1 -12 of the 6 x 6 GT

There are a couple of ways to read the Lenormand Houses. Some cartomancers begin with the Significator card. The House in which the Lady/Gentleman falls in will determine what you will link. This is not always the quickest method especially if you have a client sitting in front of you. Most clients prefer little gaps in the reading. If you can keep talking while looking for the card-to-house, house-to-card process then you should be able to achieve some sort of continuity.

Another way to read the Houses is to locate the Significator which represents the person getting the reading. Place something on the card so you have a reference point. Talk about the House in which this card passes through. In the image below I have drawn arrows for the Lady (consultant) and the Gentleman ( her significant other partner). 

I will do a brief interpretation of the first twelve Houses only to keep this post at a reasonable length. The bottom cards represent the Houses in order. The Magisches Lenormand is the deck which was shuffled and placed on the Houses beginning with House #1 The Rider (top left). Had the Lady card fallen in another House past the twelve shown I would have included that row as well. I could have done the 9 x 4 or 8 x 4+4 just as easily but six cards across is captured nicely for an image. You can click the image for a larger view.

Lenormand Houses 1-12 of the 6 x 6 GT layout

Lenormand Houses 1-12 of the 6 x6 GT layout

9 LADY IN BOUQUET HOUSE – Our consultant is a very giving individual. Most likely she is involved in some charity work. She might also be thinking about a special gift. If you read the playing card inset, the client has the Queen of Spades on her mind as well. This Queen would play a role in her life (hint: snake card in snake house) at the time of the reading.  Lots of other possibilities as well.

1 Let’s go to the very first house. Here we find the GENTLEMAN IN THE RIDER HOUSE. By the looks of it our client will be receiving a guest. A special man will visit her. He could be her lover.

2 ANCHOR IN THE CLOVER HOUSE. There seems to be some minor happenings at her workplace. There are some minor issues which are going on. If your client cannot relate to that statement then this influence is coming up rather soon. Sometimes the client just cannot makes sense of what you are saying at the time of the reading for a number of reasons. This is common. Maybe the client is not employed and you can tell her there is a work opportunity coming up within days.

3 SCYTHE IN THE SHIP HOUSE. Looks like there will not be any travel coming up. In fact a trip may have been completely cancelled. Is it the lover bailing out at the last minute? Or is it a family member changing her mind (stork).

4 STORK IN THE HOUSE HOUSE (lol, I always get a chuckle on this one). Yes, changes are coming which affect her home environment. This card is also about reunions. It can involve a member of the family (Queen of Cups playing card inset).

5 SUN IN THE TREE HOUSE. Our client is most fortunate to have the warmth of the sun shining on her health at the time of the reading. If she was waiting for any results from health related testing the outcome would be good.

6 RIDER IN THE CLOUDS HOUSE. We should look back at the Rider House to see what or who is there. As mentioned it is the Gentleman card. There’s definitely some confusion around the Significant other partner. Plans are not really clear on what he is doing or why he is doing it.

7 SNAKE IN THE SNAKE HOUSE. Whenever a card falls into its own House you should keep that in mind as you go through the reading. It doesn’t mean it is any stronger, however, if it is a strong card to begin with then yes, it is strong without external influences. Our client has an adversary. There is another woman’s influence which she needs to be warned of this influence. Who is the rival? Do it nicely. No need to be over dramatic about it. The client probably already knows who it is.

8 MOUNTAIN IN THE COFFIN HOUSE. Any obstacles or challenges approaching in the near future won’t amount to much. They will fizzle out and not create any great concern. There is another interpretation as well – a huge ending.

10 SHIP IN THE SCYTHE HOUSE. This theme has already appeared. A trip will not materialize. In fact, there probably was no intention ever to travel. There is little movement towards travel plans.

11 HEART IN THE WHIP HOUSE. This is probably the last thing our client want to hear. Her love life is not going to be very smooth during the time frame of the reading. She could already be arguing with a man in her life. It looks like the Gentleman might not follow through on visiting her.

12 LETTER IN THE BIRDS HOUSE. Conversations via modern-day media. Discussions will certainly be on edge. Our client will receive some news which will set her off. It’s important to tell the client not to believe everything she hears as a good part of it could be hearsay.

The next 12 Houses will give you more information to tell the client. You can still link card-to-house and house-to-card after completing the reading by just reading the card in the house. Since, the Snake card fell into its own natural Snake House the linking will stop there. Also, another card might fall into its own House as well in the 13-36 Houses. I would go ahead and link what I could.

If you find that at least three cards fall into their own Houses combine those three cards if you can. They are giving the client a very important “hidden” message. It could be a warning or it could be a blessing.

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