Lenormand holding hands with the Tarot in the 5 card Advice layout

Before I begin today’s post I apologize for the poor quality of the image. Often I take pictures of several layouts and leave them on my camera until I decide to upload them. Most of the time the images are pretty good. I am using two different decks to explore a question posed to me by a male entrepreneur via email request.

The 5 card Advice Layout featuring the Magisches Lenormand and Robin Wood Tarot. 

5 card ADVICE layout for any deck of cards

5 card ADVICE layout for any deck of cards


blog post nov 10:14

Background to the question: A male is planning to create an on-line business but first he needs to create a website which will feature his projects and services.  He wants to know if the website will be a successful small business venture over the next six months making him some additional money as a secondary source of income.

Basis: these cards should expose the question or something about it. The Sun card and the Queen of Swords differ in energy. The Sun card is reflecting the male’s optimism about his website idea. The Queen of Swords suggests that he has decided to go solo on this venture. This card does show his approach quite focused and determined. Maybe it’s not the first attempt at an on-line business because the Queen is very experienced in life and has had her shares of failures. 

What You Know: he knows it’s all up to him (Gentleman) and feels quite confident (next to Sun) about the whole thing. The 8 of Swords is telling us another story. This card is revealing that this male might not be seeing things realistically (blind fold on female in card). I do feel a strong connection with this card to the Queen of Swords so I am wondering if this is not an ex partner.

What You Are Not Seeing:  The Lily card offers harmonious energy. It also represents another male. This could be a family relative or it could even be a lawyer (King of Spades). The male consultant might be over looking some very important help from another fellow. The Wheel of Fortune warns that one needs to be prepared for the high and low cycles. One minute we are on top and the next minute we hit rock bottom.

Advice to Follow:  The Birds card does represent “2” of something. This card represents many things. One of the common meanings for this card is conversations. More discussions are needed about this on-line business. He might have to talk it over with another couple. I think he should not let his optimism get the better of him. It’s best to avoid boasting about the website. The 4 of Swords shows he should take it easy and take things slower than he is at the current time. He needs to really think things over.

The Result:  The Heart card is all about emotions and romance on a variety of levels. The only time this card doesn’t sing with joy is when this card is read in conjunction with other cards. This layout is not read by blending the cards to each other. It is about blending the meanings of the cards to the position they sit in. Of course, this is not written in stone. It’s just the way I’m presenting this information. The 4 of Pentacles shows the male will have some financial security. Slow and steady progress is suggested. There will not be a substantial amount of money made over the next 6 months because he will hold on to what he earns instead of re-investing it to help grow the on-line business. 

Using two decks as different as the Tarot and Lenormand should be fairly easy to do. Nothing is lost because the Tarot remains the Tarot and the Lenormand remains the Lenormand. What is gained is multi levels of interpretations from two different systems in relation to the positions of the layout. 


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