Your opinion is important

I have edited the poll spec to allow multiple choices. Also, if you don’t mind please state your opinion in the comments section if there is other information not listed in the Poll that you wish to share with me. Thank you to those who have participated already.

9 thoughts on “Your opinion is important

  1. Your posts are always great to read! I chose to see more Lenormand, I’m a professional psychic card reader. Your recent post on the elements (spread) was very interesting! Thank you Seaqueen! – Dwayne Douglas

  2. Dear Madame Seaqueen, your blog is an excellent resource for cartomancers of all levels. I enjoy reading your posts, and particularly value your insights. Thank you for your years of sharing with us. — Love, Soulscape

  3. Hi seaqueen
    This is my first ever set of cards. I’m confused sorry. .
    I found your site by clicking on a site.anyway hun this said I need to know what all the cards mean.
    I really had a desire to take this up for a long time. I’ve had a couple of readings. And been told I’m psychic. So I want to start slowly. Any help you can give .would be greatfully received.
    PS I hope you don’t think I’m being rude by asking. I fully understand if I get no reply
    Thank you in advance june

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