Asking the Robin Wood Tarot a question about a calling.

Sometimes it’s good to grab an old friend such as the Tarot cards. Today’s Celtic cross layout features the Robin Wood Tarot © 1991. It is one of my select few Tarot decks I work with when a client has an important question. 

A middle-aged man retired a few years ago. He has taken an interest in offering Spiritual services (readings, hypnosis, etc.). He feels this is his calling and wants to know if he would be successful in this area.

I think this is a very good question for the Tarot cards.  

Mini Celtic Cross

Min Celtic Cross

The image of the mini Celtic cross may not be the same as you are use to but I know many Tarot readers follow the numbering sequence as I do.

My interpretation will be very brief I hope 🙂 but I do get carried away when I write.

1. Energy of Question:  This first card usually reflects the question or client in some way. Page of Wands. Here we have some good news coming with a business venture connection. The wand points to the King of Cups. Pages are the early stages of the court cards. It’s the development stage of the suit. This card can represent ideas being discussed.

2. Crossing Card:  8 of Cups. The energy of this card can be helpful or a hindrance in the overall process towards the outcome.  This card reflects how the man is feeling. He is not satisfied anymore with what he has accomplished and is looking for other areas which will enlighten him. The news of the Page of Wands might not be appreciated until the client has some inner changes (Strength).

3. Root of Question: The MA Hermit. The man has retired and is thinking about his past and what he has done. He is sensing his calling and feels he can help others see the light within themselves.

4. Passing Energy: 7 of Swords. Good thing this energy is on its way out. Could this man be trying to escape the structure of the life he has built so far? He has enough tools to pursue his calling, however, in the recent past he has been letting his ego dictate and not his intuition. He is aware of this.

5. Optional Future: The King of Cups as the optional energy could suggest a helpful man might cross his path to offer suggestions. This card could also represent the man getting the reading. This would make more sense because he is in the process of leaving the swords behind and will tap into his emotions.

6. Near Future: Another MA and what a great card. Strength. The client will overcome his feeling of wanting to be in firm control in the the future weeks/months. He will learn that he can be just as strong by taming the passions he is feeling. When one recognizes a calling it can become overwhelming. The passion can be pretty wild.

Staff cards of Celtic cross layout

Staff cards of Celtic cross layout

7. You: The 3rd MA. The Empress is such a gift to have in this spot. She brings nurturing and love to the client. He will adopt her personality in his chosen field. He will cultivate repeat clients through kindness and patience.

8. Others: 4th MA. The direction the client wants to pursue is part of the Universal plan for him. The Sun card promises much success and fulfillment. He will receive support from others. He will teach others to get in touch with the child within.

The Sun card is a yes card which strongly suggests the client’s calling will bring him the success he desires (but for how long – 8 of Cups).  

9. Hopes and Fears. The Ace of Wands predicts the time frame of spring of 2015. As a hope card, he wants to be established in his new business in this season. As a fear card, he might worry it will take that long before everything gets off the ground.

10. Outcome: The King of Wands is a fiery energy. He is a business person quite comfortable in his own skin. This card could be advising the client to put his dreams into action. Note there are 2 Kings in this layout. This means there could be a partnership opportunity with someone else.

Often a client is represented by more than one court card depending on their question. 

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