Blue Pages of Shustah in a 3 card reading

The odd time you will select all three Pages of Shustah cards belonging to the same colour group. The colour of the cards is significant when reading this deck. Each of the five colours possesses an energy.

In today’s draw, the blue cards speak of stationary energy. It isn’t an obvious energy but it does exist. Blue cards are easier to deal with than three red cards. 😉



In our question today a female wants to know if she will be able to secure tickets to a play which is being featured for only two weeks at her local theatre. 

PREMISE: blue Stars 

This blue card reflects her plan to obtain the tickets. There is a certain amount of success within this card’s meaning. Generally, it is favourable for business. Since it is the premise card the question being asked has a good chance of bringing positive results. Of course, the other two cards need to be factored in as they will shed some more light on the actual process to the eventual outcome of the question.

PROBLEM or SITUATION: blue Celestial Bees

The Celestial Bees can mirror a problem or the process involved in getting these theatre tickets. This card speaks of getting busy and working towards the desired goal. It means making those phone calls, sending emails or securing seats on line, etc. The female cannot do this on her own. She needs help from people in the community (swarm of bees) which makes sense since “they” have the tickets and information.

Don’t forget that within every problem there is a solution.

RESULT: blue Angel of Summer

The blue Angel is always welcome as the result card. She emits success and a yes answer. This card is also a time card representing the months of summer. Summer has passed in this part of the world. If the female doesn’t get her act together by applying some energy into obtaining these tickets she may have to wait until next summer.

Given that all three cards are blue there is definitely a subtle building up of energy (constructive endeavour) which tells me she will do what is necessary to get the tickets to the play. She will be doing the dance of joy which is sometimes associated with “summer rituals”.  

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