Black suits of the Pages of Shustah

When a number of black cards appear in your layout there is strong evidence that there is more than one person involved in the situation. It can be a group of people such as relatives, co-workers, neighbours or friends.

The first twelve cards are the Astrological signs. There are two additional black cards. The Card of Destiny can be viewed as a “fate” card or powers above. The Card of Self represents the Significator which in turn represents the person getting the reading. The reason I am explaining it this way is because you could be doing a reading on behalf of some and when the Card of Self appears it is not you it is your client/friend, etc.

When asking a question and you have a few black cards these people are there because of your question and they are part of the answer as well.

Also, if you do the Zodiac reading using three cards in each House you can determine why so many people are involved. The House they fall in will provide you with information. For example: if three black cards fall in the 5th House there could be a party or celebration. If two or more cards fall in the 11th House it would be a community situation.


  1. People cards: born within that time frame or possess the Astrological traits of that sign.
  2. Timing cards: situations can materialize within the assigned time frame of the 12 Zodiac cards.
  3. Energy cards: each card contains an energy which is rooted in the planet ruling that sign.
  4. Life experience cards: the twelve cards also represent areas of daily life which correspond to the Astrological House meanings.
  5. Significator card: Card of Self 
  6. Universal plan: Card of Destiny

Before determining how to read the twelve black cards remind yourself of your question at the time of shuffle. Then select the most appropriate meanings given to the black card. Black cards aren’t always people or time cards. They can show you what energy is involved.

For example:  

  • Black 3 Gemini is ruled by Mercury the planet of speed. This energy moves quickly but is also adaptable.
  • Black 6 Virgo is also ruled by Mercury but in Virgo it is a more structured energy. 
  • Black 8 Scorpio is ruled by Pluto the planet of transformation and renewal. This energy is powerful causing change through experience.
  • Black 10 Capricorn is ruled by Saturn the planet of restrictions and tough lessons. This energy is can be indifferent but when used properly it can provide the drive to achieve your goals.

If you have Manser’s accompanying handbook there is ample room in the section of the black cards to jot down your summary of what you think these cards mean. Also, you can highlight the Egoic Response and Quality of Power levels. The Type of Intelligence and Spiritual Value levels are also very helpful.

My advice to you is to put those four levels in your own words in a way that you will understand. Do the same things for the other cards as well. Once you have completed that which may take you a week or two you will have it at hand. Not only that when your write out your summaries you will remember them much better. Use your own words and phrases.  

Black cards Pages of Shustah.

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