Reading the Gentleman + Mouse + Bouquet combination

28 Gentleman

23 mouse

9 bouquet

There are a number of possibilities for these three cards. Reading them in a trio combinations is fairly straight forward.




If there is a question asked of the cards all three cards are applied to the “potential” answer.

If no question is asked then the three cards will reveal something which might be somewhere in your current thoughts. Often the cards will bring forward a situation about a person or event which should be addressed.

Possible summaries:

A man is happy but it is a tired happy. Perhaps he is worried about trivial things. Don’t forget the mouse card eats away at whatever is the card after it.

Your special man (female getting Reading) is losing interest in another woman (Queen of Spades). Although, the Snake card often represents the other woman the Q♠ may be in a purely platonic relationship with your man whereas the Q♣ probably has intimate motives.

You (man getting Reading) are fretting over the fact that you have not received an invitation yet.

You (man getting Reading) will be pleased at receiving a much smaller gift than anticipated. You (female getting Reading) will receive a pleasing gift from you special man but it will be cheap :).

If these three cards fell together in the GT and you were a male getting the Reading the cards above and below you will give you quite a bit of background as to why you will meet with the Mouse’s influence.

If you are a female getting the GT reading and these three cards appear together they will give you a glimpse into what is going on with your special man. Of course you need to study your own cards first. 

There are so many possibilities on how to read these three cards in a GT but this post isn’t about the GT. Today’s post is about a three card draw read left to right. I only mentioned a few meanings. Directions can be read as well. Also, this could be a 3 card layout with predetermined positions. You could use the center card Mouse as your focus. Then you would investigate further from that point.

If you are seeking a yes or no answer. The answer is yes but it’s not a big yes because the Mouse’s influence will erode some of the positivity of the Bouquet’s energy.

More on the Gentleman ➡ here, the Mouse ➡ here, the Bouquet ➡ here.

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