Down the crazy river of reversals

And what if you did a short layout and drew three Lenormand cards noticing the last two cards are reversed? What do you do?

  • throw up your arms in disgust
  • blame yourself for not checking the deck prior to shuffle
  • suspect someone else has been using your cards
  • ignore the reversals and read them all upright
  • turn the reversed ones upright
  • shuffle and do another reading making sure you put them back in deck upright
  • see it as a bad omen not to read the cards
  • use a life line and call a friend
  • google search for reversed meanings
  • never tell a single soul you will explore possible meanings for the reversals

The image below is the exact same Dust Bunny Lenormand cards by Marcia McCord featured in the Sept 6/14 post. I rotated the image file. I am going to delve into the possibilities of reversed cards and what they “could” mean.

Before I continue you have a choice. You can stop reading the rest of the post or you can embrace the post content with an open mind.  I do hope you stick around if not just for curiosity’s sake.  🙂

FOX. reversed TOWER. reversed BIRDS.

FOX. reversed TOWER. reversed BIRDS.

Let’s suppose a question was asked using these three cards and let’s suppose it is a past, present and future layout. A man asks if his divorce will go smoothly.

We all have a pretty good idea what the Fox card can indicate. Since it falls in the past it can suggest all those games people play when there is a pending divorce especially if it is not amicable.

The upright Tower card does indicate a separation. The fox in the first card is looking away from the center card. Someone is not interested in splitting up. This someone is hiding a truth about this situation.

With the Tower being reversed the separation is rooted in accusations and wrong information (Fox). Most likely a small situation occurred and it was plainly distorted leading to a decision to separate. The reversed Tower can represent a building. I’ve seen Tower+Birds to represent a lawyer. Given they are reversed I think the legal representative is the wrong (Fox) choice for this particular man.

The upright Birds card often suggest grief and sadness. The more common meaning of communication is used these days. I see this as a gossip card as well. Looks like there will be more nonsense coming up. The gossip is going to hurt this couple.

The reversed Birds card still contains degrees of sadness and grief. Many people hide their grieving process when they divorce. The reversed Birds represent the energy around the question in future months. There will be too much talk and not enough action. The communication will be all over the place and that in itself will bring sadness to this touchy subject of divorce.

The fact that there are two reversed cards suggests the entire situation around the divorce cannot fully materialize with any kind of clarity.

Reversed cards don’t always mean the opposite. They don’t always mean an even worse meaning. The upright meanings are still within the reversals. I do think that assigning rigid reversed meanings to the cards is probably pointless because reversals are not mainstream. Besides that many of the Lenormand card meanings differ depending on which system you happened to adopt.

➡ The near and far technique (GT) does contain reversals even though the cards are read upright. If a negative card is near the Significator often it is considered really “bad” and the further away from Significator the negative influence is minimized. If a positive card is far from the Significator often it means the opposite or has a lessening influence.

I think the reversed meanings will show themselves after you consider the upright meanings and then and only then, ponder the reversals. I will be providing in-depth descriptions/explanations of reversed meanings from time to time for those of you who are open to exploring reversals. At the current time (from my research) the need for such information is not in great demand.   

Most of you all know that the cards have evolved/expanded/progressed meanings which are rooted in tradition. In my view, reversals are progressed meanings as well. 

The process of “reversed” delineation requires a little more exploring. I feel it is for the more advanced Cartomancers with lots of experience. And of course, for those who want to venture down the crazy river of reversals. I would advise that you fully understand each and every card in the upright position using whatever set of meanings you happened to stumble on either through books, a relative, on line resources or historical research. 

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