The Key to the Kingdom: An Enchanted Deck by Tony Meeuwissen

ace of hearts

The cards in the Enchanted deck are rooted in nursery rhymes and riddles. When this deck was created by Tony Meeuwissen it included a secret message with clues to where the golden key was hidden. It was a highly intriguing game which required letters of the alphabet to spell out some of the words to solve the puzzle. The first person to find it was awarded 10 G’s. S. Kavanagh of Essex was the tie breaker which I am guessing also won (unable to verify if this is a fact) the prize money

According to the Introduction, “an artist from Germany (1806) had the ingenious idea of transforming the conventional pattern of the hearts, clubs and other pips into fanciful designs ……these were the first transformational cards …..”

ace spadesMr. Meeuwissen was a very gifted artist who received many “gold and silver” awards. Those of you that are Rolling Stones fans probably know he worked on the album sleeve called, “Their Satanic Majesties Request”. If you are curious about more information on this artist click the following link —–>CREATIVE REVIEW

7 spades

The 1992 set comes with a 52 card (+jokers) deck and small 119 page hard cover book. It was part of my collection for nearly two decades never opened. I do remember I purchased it right around the same time as the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards by Svetlana Touchkoff, 1991. 

As I’ve said before I have so many decks that I don’t even know the extent of my collection.  🙂  The set was in immaculate new condition until a few minutes ago. I (shame on me) put a tiny rip in the book cover when I took off the shrink-wrap. I wanted to photograph the cards for this blog post so now they are no longer in a virginal state.

I realize the creator of the Enchanted Deck did not set out to design this deck for divination. The images tell me a story and they probably tell you a different story. It’s all good. It’s all fun and who doesn’t like to solve puzzles or explore the hidden secrets of nursery rhymes.   😆king of clubs

The 7♠ reminds me of entrapment or one of those days when you just want to scream when nothing is going right. The Ace♠ hints at very potent dangers. The King ♣ is spectacular. It’s easy to see this King can be both the problem and the solution. The Ace♥  gives the impression someone is in awe of you. 

I think I will feature the Enchanted Deck in another post using a short layout keeping in mind the verses located in the accompanying book.

Maybe we can solve a problem or two from a completely different cartomancy perspective.




3 thoughts on “The Key to the Kingdom: An Enchanted Deck by Tony Meeuwissen

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for interesting information. My husband recently got
    those wonderful card as a gift. He is trying to find out how to understand
    the purpose or the meaning of each card. Can you recomend him
    a book or a website for more information regarding the deck?

    Many thanks from Björn and Cecilia in Sweden

    • Greetings Björn and Cecilia: Thank you for your comment. Isn’t it a wonderful deck of cards? I haven’t located any information on this deck for cartomancy. I would suggest writing down a few of your own meanings for each card based on the image, suit and number. After that practice some short readings to see if it makes sense. You may be surprised at what you find. I know, I was amused at the stories the cards told in this way. Let me know how you make out. Seaqueen

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